10 Bedfellows

Bedfellows Horror Short

This one gained notoriety around the internet shortly after it was created, with many people scaring their friends and family with the incredibly unsettling reveal. It is incredibly short but builds tension like a feature-length movie.

A woman receives a phone call late at night and answers it in a tired stupor. The voice she hears on the other end is the last person she’d expect, causing the seemingly innocent story to tumble down a dark and sinister path rapidly. It’s edge-of-your-seat Horror in a bite-sized format.


Alexia Horror Short Film

Easily one of the most alarming (and topical) entries on this list, Alexia is a Spanish-made (and spoken) short tale of one man’s unhealthy obsession with the memorial of a loved one via social media. There are so many people around the world that are closely connected with their social media accounts, with some doing the same things as the main character in this short film.

It’s gripping, slow at the start, but quickly devolves into something truly horrifying. This one is sure to make viewers jumpy.

The Black Hole

The Black Hole Horror Short Film

Horror doesn’t need to feature monsters or supernatural creatures to be terrifying. Sometimes, all it takes is a seemingly playful concept and a twist that turns things from Sci-Fi fantasy to thrilling Horror short.

The man in this video finds himself in possession of an incredibly useful (albeit a bit Looney Tunes) object that has him helping himself to some snacks from a vending machine. Things take a dark turn, however, when the man gets a bit too greedy and learns a valuable lesson he’ll take to the grave.

White With Red

White With Red Horror Short

Some of the best Horror shorts are adaptations of famous folk stories or Creepypastas. The concept of White with Red has been floating around Internet forums and campfires for years as its own chilling tale but turns into something truly horrific in this beautifully crafted short film.

When it comes to Horror, visuals can make or break a story and the creators did a fantastic job in capturing the essence of this iconic legend. The end result is just as visually unsettling as it is through spoken word.

Behind The Door

Behind The Door Short Horror

This one tosses audiences directly into the thick of things, starting with a look at an unknown entity frantically trying to gain entry into a young boy’s house. What follows is a tense exchange between the terrified boy and whatever evil lurks outside the doorway.

This short less-than-three-minute film is smart, paying homage to a classic Horror trope while simultaneously teaching viewers an important lesson. People should always think before they speak, even if their hearts are racing.


Alma Horror Short

There are few things more terrifying than the naivety of children. Too young to understand some of the dangers that lurk around each corner, kids finding themselves embroiled in danger is a big trope in the Horror genre.

Alma, an animated short film, showcases this naivety to great effect, when a young girl wanders into a seemingly empty shop to grab a doll that’s caught her eye. There’s no dialogue or immensely scary monsters. This one is simply a horrific prospect brought to life through masterful storytelling and beautiful visual design.


Doppelganger Short Horror Film

Daywalt Horror has been crafting scares for years now, bringing their interesting and entertaining brand of spooks to their dedicated YouTube audience. Doppelganger is easily one of their best, taking a seemingly normal trip home and twisting it into something truly sinister.

When a woman receives a call from her husband and instructions not to go home, she begins to have an inward struggle with herself and must come to grips with what’s the truth and what’s a lie. It’s smart, engaging, horrifying, and comes complete with a few great twists.


Ripped Short Horror Film

Those looking for something a little lighter, but still pretty creepy, should check out Ripped. This short film follows a man that’s ready to “get ripped” by joining his local gym. He heads there late at night (or very early in the morning in this case) in order to avoid the crowds.

What seems simple and innocent evolves into a clever and hilariously entertaining story that features solid acting and a twist that most won’t see coming. It’s a fun and funny ride that will break up some of the other chilling tales on this list.

Sucka Blood

Sucka Blood Horror Short

Fairytales weren’t always as happy-go-lucky as they appear in most children’s media today. In fact, the Brothers Grimm helped to create some of the most chilling works of fantasy the world had ever seen, with powerful folk tales that taught lessons through horrific experiences. Some Fairytales were downright devastating, serving as nothing more than a cautionary tale in which a character meets a wicked demise.

Sucka Blood follows this model, presenting viewers with a fantastically shot and designed short film complete with an engaging narrator that rhymes his way through a tale of deceit and karma.

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors Horror Short Film

Another animated short film, this one was so popular it managed to spawn a remake that saw the creator revamping all of the visuals within the story to make for a much creepier tale.

A young boy believes there is a monster living in his room, much to the anger of his less-than-friendly father. This one is incredibly well made, featuring a story that twists and turns despite its short runtime.