10 Most Replayable Pokemon Games

Pokemon has been going robust for over twenty-six years with a wide range of profitable video games that gamers have loved exploring on varied platforms. While ready for a brand new title to be launched by Game Freak, gamers are doubtless to return to older staple video games within the hope of experiencing them once more.

With so many generations for fans of the franchise to choose from, it’s difficult to decide which one will provide the most enjoyment. That is why it’s important to value what games out of the Pokemon franchise have the most replayability that will have players looking forward to future releases.

10: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee – 7th Generation

Releasing only in 2018, Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee are remakes of the classic Pokemon Yellow that could be played on the Game Boy. The game had been freshened up for those on Nintendo Switch, where they can explore the Kanto region all over again or for the first time if they have never tried Yellow.

All the first generation Pokemon can be battled or captured in this edition, as well as the adorable feature that allows players to pet their starter companion of either Pikachu or Eevee, depending on which version players have bought.

9: X And Y – 6th Generation

Although this game could be argued by players as having the worst title due to the simple name of X and Y, the game doesn’t lack in replayability. This can be especially seen through the beautiful world players get to explore set in the Kalos region, which appears to be heavily based on France.

Besides the detailed world to rediscover in 2013, this new title also introduced the unique feature of Mega Evolutions, which allowed certain pokemon to temporarily evolve in battle, increasing their stats and making them more powerful.

8: Black And White – 5th Generation

As the core series of the fifth generation, Black and White are a staple to revisit for any gamers that still have their hands on a Nintendo DS. Especially as it added 156 new pokemon, the most pokemon to ever be added in a generation. Unlike past Pokemon titles before Black and White, this adventure saw many aesthetic changes to battling.

The pokemon finally got animated sprites while battling, adding more motion to this crucial element of the games; the intensity was also increased through the use of a dynamic camera during battles to focus on different pokemon’s moves.

7: Pokemon Legends: Arceus – 8th Generation

Stepping away from the usual mechanics of the franchise, Pokemon Legends: Arceus hoped to breathe new life into the series for its 25th anniversary. Players travel back in time to discover the ancestry of Pokemon in an open-world RPG.

With the freedom to move around in battles, combat plays out a lot differently in Arceus while also being able to sneak past difficult foes. Unlike other titles, which had two games to choose from, players make their choice on whom they side with in-game; this doesn’t make too much of a difference when catching pokemon, but it’s still something to explore.

6: Sword And Shield – 8th Generation

Players looking for a modern touch on the franchise but still want traditional gameplay may wish to revisit Sword And Shield. Older titles are fine, but for those that don’t own the platforms to play them may be unable to try out this retro experience.

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Sword and Shield may not have been the first Pokemon game to land on the Switch, but the reception it got from fans made it a successful launch that appealed to their long-term players. It also has two DLCs, which players can try out once completing the story.

5: Emerald – 3rd Generation

As the third best-selling game on the Game Boy Advance, being only beaten by other Pokemon games, it would be a crime to not mention Emerald. The standalone title after Ruby and Sapphire, the aim of Emerald was to add features that the past two games didn’t have, as well as a new plot.

Although it came out in 2005, the game is still fondly remembered by fans, and those that have a Game Boy Advance or an emulator that can run it are known to revisit the title.

4: Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire – 6th Generation

Releasing in 2014, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were remasters of the original third generation of Ruby and Sapphire that players enjoyed on the Game Boy Advance. Now they can be enjoyed with better graphics as well as with more pokemon from the sixth generation on the 3DS.

Mega Evolutions are also added from X and Y adding a new element to gameplay that fans of the original Ruby and Sapphire didn’t get to experience as well as introducing new characters to the world of Hoenn region.

3: Platinum – 4th Generation

Similar to Emerald, Platinum released as the third game in the set, with Pearl and Diamond combining the features of the two games but making it better for its 2009 release. Even years after its release, players are enjoying returning to Platinum, with many hoping it will be remastered like the other 4th generation games.

The Sinnoh region has an all-new story where time has been warped, entertaining those that may have never played the originals, as well as intriguing players that have already experienced it. There is even content to enjoy after completing the story, such as being able to explore recently out-of-bounds areas.

2: HeartGold And SoulSilver – 4th Generation

The original Gold and Silver are the best Pokemon games available, according to fans of the franchise. Heart Gold and Soul Silver take what players loved about this original duo, combine it with the improvements of Crystal, and publish it on the Nintendo DS.

Many players may have lost the Pokewalker, which was a pedometer that allowed players to take their favorite pokemon on real-life walks to gain experience and items to use in-game. But that doesn’t mean that the game can’t still be enjoyed, as the story itself is a brilliant one to explore once more.

1: Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl – 8th Generation

Overall, by far the most replayable Pokemon game that fans have enjoyed has been Diamond and Pearl. After years of hoping that the original 2007 version would be remastered, it finally was announced and released in 2021.

It has not only been a success due to being the remaster that has sold the best, but it also leans heavily on the traditional play style of the original Diamond and Pearl. Unlike other modern titles, this game returns with a mostly top-down view to experience the brilliant story as it was experienced when it was originally released.