Tuesday, October 20, 2020
GTA Online Exploit Makes Players’ MK II Oppressors Invisible

GTA Online Exploit Makes Players’ MK II Oppressors Invisible

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GTA Online players are annoyed by a MK II Oppressor glitch that is turning the hoverbikes invisible, making them more friendly to trolls.

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Like many multiplayer games, Grand Theft Auto Online has its share of glitches, and they range from being annoying to gamebreaking. This newly-discovered GTA Online glitch won’t make a game unplayable, but it will prove to be very annoying to many players who find certain opponents suddenly impossible to kill.GTA Online players are able to enjoy something that many people simply can’t in real life (besides living life as a mafia boss or stealing a ton of cars), and that’s a unique hoverbike called the MK II Oppressor. While it might seem cool to be able to fly around on a hoverbike, lately, the MK II has been causing more trouble than it might be worth, as some players have discovered a way to become invisible when they go through a specific series of actions when entering a lobby.Even before this glitch started, many players found themselves annoyed by opponents who would swoop down, seemingly out of nowhere, and chase them down with a ton of explosives. A lot of people associate this GTA Online vehicle with trolls, and know to be on their guard when they spot one in a lobby. To make matters even worse, a visual glitch is making MK II riders invisible, meaning that they can sneak up on people and troll them and be almost impossible to catch.

The glitch is triggered when players spawn into a game and load the Rockstar Creator, force an error message, and get sent back into the lobby on their bike. When they return to the game, they can boost their hoverbike jet and the visual glitch makes them invisible, save for appearing as an icon on the minimap. Many players simply aren’t looking at the minimap constantly, although some players may not be aware that they can enlarge this feature in display options to see players from far away. This may be a small help when it comes to invisible enemies, but it obviously doesn’t address the root of the problem.

Rockstar has yet to address the invisibility glitch, which is a problem, as it is definitely a huge annoyance to anyone it happens too and it would make sense for Rockstar to stamp this issue out before it gets too widespread. Rockstar is often good at fixing glitches and exploits, and some players may remember how strict the company was on punishing players that used a garage money glitch by completely wiping these players’ bank accounts. Invisible trolls probably don’t need to be punished that intensely, but it would be nice for their victims to know that Rockstar has the fair players’ best interests at heart.

Thankfully, there are a lot of fair-minded players in the GTA Online community who prefer to reap their in-game successes without cheating or exasperating their opponents, so for now the issue isn’t taking over the game. Still, there will always be players who prefer to cheat and troll people, so it may come down to Rockstar to moderate the community if the fans can’t moderate themselves.

GTA Online is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will release on PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021.

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