Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo Designs Revealed

Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo Designs Revealed

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Monster Hunter Rise came as a surprise announcement as an exclusive game for the Switch, and now the three new Amiibo for the game are revealed.

The long-running and beloved Monster Hunter franchise recently saws an announcement for a brand new entry into the series, that being the exclusive Switch title, Monster Hunter Rise. To go along with the next iteration of the action role-playing-game, Nintendo also revealed that Rise would be receiving a few Amiibo, and the details have just been unveiled.

The Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo, which will be exclusive to GameStop in the US., will be of Palamute (the new rideable dog in Rise), Palico (the cat-partner that has become a staple of the games), and Magnamalo (the massive new monster in Rise). Up until today, fans had not yet seen an image of the actual Amiibo designs, but that has changed thanks to an Amazon Japan listing.

The poses and molding of the new Amiibo look impressive, with each one being filled with life and having detailed coloring. The announcement of two Monster Hunter games for the Switch on one day came as a pleasant surprise to fans of the franchise, with Monster Hunter Rise looking very intriguing.

The details of the Amiibo are quite impressive, as Monster Hunter Rise is actually using the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard engine. Although the game is a Switch exclusive and may not look as visually stunning as, say, Monster Hunter World, it is doing some interesting things in terms of gameplay and even visual aesthetics. It looks more reminiscent of the Monster Hunter games on the 3DS and Wii U, but updated with verticality and some new monster designs.

Monster Hunter Rise will be available March 26, 2021, for Nintendo Switch.

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