10 Mistakes Everyone Makes On Their First Playthrough Of Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

10 Mistakes Everyone Makes On Their First Playthrough Of Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

Having recently released on the Nintendo Switch the platformer Ori And The Will Of The Wisps is proving to be very popular. Players are in for a fun experience tackling tough bosses, negotiating challenging levels, and solving various puzzles.

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For players brand new to the platformer there are a number of common pitfalls they can fall victim to. The game is a bit different than usual platformers and there are some moving parts that aren’t always intuitive. Here’s everything players need to know to avoid making some of the more common mistakes on their first playthrough.

10 Assume Difficulty Is About Level Design

The first mistake players make is assuming that the difficulty settings will have an impact on the platforming aspects of the game. The level design and even the puzzles are the same no matter the difficulty setting.

What does change is that the bosses and various enemies will become stronger, tougher, and more aggressive. This can be frustrating for players who wanted the platforming to be tougher. Players

9 Starting Too Hard

Another common issue players have is setting the Difficulty too high for their first playthrough. Whether its mistakenly assuming difficulty is tied to the puzzles or thinking they can handle the combat, this game gets really rough on higher difficulties.

Even if the player can scrape by on Hard they’ll likely find the final boss is simply too difficult for a first playthrough. To make matters worse changing the difficulty requires a full restart. It’s best to play Normal or possibly even Easy when playing the game the first time.

8 Ignoring Certain Skills

There are a number of different skills in this game and each one has a specific purpose or function. Odds are if a skill seems useless its because the player isn’t using it right or doesn’t recognize its use in a particular scenario.

Player should take some time to familiarize themselves with every skill in the game and devise possible situations they’d use them in. After doing so players will find themselves more capable of handling various situations.

7 Hoarding Spirit Light

It may seem like a good idea to hoard Spirit Light throughout the game, especially during parts of the game where farming for it can be challenging. In reality it serves the player best to continually spend it throughout the platformer.

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Of course the player should save it up for useful skills and other expensive purchases. But saving Spirit Light should always have a purpose otherwise its better to spend it. With better skills and upgrades players will find themselves better equipped to earn more going forward due to those investments.

6 Waiting Too Long To Get Triple Jump

Triple Jump is arguably one of the most useful skills in the entire game and many players wait too long to obtain it. Whether its platforming, combat, or puzzles Triple Jump is a tremendous skill for navigating the environment and having more mobility.

It can be expensive initially, but players will find it well worth the investment. For many players having this skill alone makes this occasionally hard platformer significantly easier. It’s also considered an essential skill for the final boss.

5 Blitzing The Game

Players have a tendency to blitz through a new game. Whether its out of excitement or in a rush to win, players will rush through various aspects of this platformer. No matter what difficulty the player is on this tends to be a mistake.

There’s plenty to explore in this game and there are a lot of secrets and hidden areas for the player to come across. Many of these places contain things that can significantly improve the player’s ability to progress further along in this platformer. If things are too hard, odds are the player is moving to quickly and needs to slow down and explore a bit.

4 Not Buying Maps

Perhaps a combination of progressing too fast or hoarding Spirit Light, but new players often fail to take advantage of buying Maps from Lupo. They don’t cost very much but they provide the player valuable info on the environments they’ll be exploring making it easier to navigate.

Their main perk however is pointing out areas the player may not have noticed the first time around. This makes it easier to find those hidden areas, Shrines, and special enemies that will strengthen Ori moving forward.

3 Not Switching Out Moves In Battle

There are a number of abilities a player can use in battle and most players will find clever combinations to help them in most fights. There are situations however where some combinations are better than others.

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What many players don’t realize is that they can make changes to their loadout in the middle of battle. If it’s becoming obvious that some skills or moves aren’t working the player can quickly swap things out and see if that changes things.

2 Ignoring Closed Doors

There are many closed doors in this platformer locking away helpful Shrines and other hidden goodies. Some of these doors require a bit of progression, but many are clever puzzles that can be unlocked right away or with a bit of work.

Instead of moving on and losing out on helpful upgrades the player should take some time to noodle on each locked door they find. Finding the right weapon, skill, or even enemy to blast it open takes a second and offers helpful rewards.

1 Being Slow To Adapt

A common thread in this game is that the player needs to overcome and adapt to challenges as they encounter them. Players have a tendency to pigeon hole themselves into certain skill combos or playstyles and get frustrated when they seemingly hit a wall on their progress.

Odds are the game is trying to teach the player to do something different when this happens. Change skills, find upgrades, or even practicing different techniques can be all it takes to keep moving forward. If the player is continually adapting and improving at the game they’ll encounter fewer obstacles and have more fun overall.

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