10 Story-Heavy Games To Play If You Loved The Original BioShock

10 Story-Heavy Games To Play If You Loved The Original BioShock

When one talks about some of the greatest games of all time, then it’s only a matter of time before the word BioShock is uttered in the conversation at some point or the other. Ken Levine’s work on System Shock 2 had clearly influenced him heavily, and he decided to use all his learnings to create a spiritual successor that was truly brilliant in every sense of the word.

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BioShock is considered by many to be one of the best immersive sims ever made, with a ton of factors contributing to this image, including a stellar story that is riveting from start to end. It’s only a given that people who finish this brilliant title would want to try out more games in the same vein.

For the people suffering from post-BioShock syndrome, here are ten games that can definitely help fill the void this title has left behind.

10 Prey

There are a ton of games that are very similar to BioShock when it comes to atmospheric gameplay with a compelling story, and Prey definitely falls under the same umbrella.

Taking on the role of Morgan Yu, players end up exploring the haunting Talos-1, navigating both claustrophobic and open areas as they try to uncover the mystery of what has happened on this space station. The game certainly has a setting that might elicit the feelings that players experience while roaming Rapture, but there’s another game that Prey is actually way more similar to…

9 System Shock 2

One of the most influential titles of all time, remnants of System Shock 2 can be seen in games to this day, with Prey being a great example of this.

System Shock 2 is an excellent title that is definitely playable in modern times with the use of mods. The atmosphere of the Von Braun is second to none, and the feeling of solitude is something that is still unmatched in most horror games to this day.

8 Deus Ex

Of course, it would be impossible to talk about some of the most influential games of all time without mentioning the masterpiece that is Deus Ex. This landmark in immersive sims allowed for some truly amazing emergent gameplay, level design that was absolutely brilliant, and (naturally) a ton of memes.

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Getting into the shoes of JC Denton never fails to be an entertaining experience. The first game ultimately spawned a franchise that has produced some truly great releases in their own right, although it’s arguable that none of them quite match up to the brilliance of Deus Ex.

7 Dead Space

While Dead Space 2 might be a favorite for most people, there’s no denying the fact that the original Dead Space had more of a focus on the horror part of things. Consequently, it ended up being a far more immersive experience in that regard.

The nightmarish enemies coupled with the constant feeling of claustrophobia led to a situation where gamers were constantly scared out of their wits in Dead Space. Yet, they couldn’t stop themselves from playing one of the greatest games of all time.

6 Metro Exodus

The Metro franchise already had its fair share of fans, but one can’t really say that the first two games were mainstream in any way, shape, or form. However, with the release of Metro Exodus, the franchise absolutely exploded in popularity.

Featuring a brilliant open-world full to the brim with its fair share of horrors, Metro Exodus is easily one of the most immersive titles of the past decade. It is a must-play for anyone into horror FPS titles with brilliant stories.

5 Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout series is packed with a bunch of excellent titles, but Fallout: New Vegas deserves a special mention in this regard for combining modern gameplay nuances with the brilliant storytelling of past games in the series.

While the game might’ve released in a rushed and broken state, patches and mods have helped elevate the gameplay aspect of things. Nowadays, players can enjoy the two biggest strengths of this title: storytelling and roleplaying.

4 Half-Life 2

A masterclass in PC gaming that showed the world the future of the industry, Half-Life 2 was one of the most hyped games of all time. A follow-up to the also brilliant Half-Life, the sequel definitely surpassed everyone’s lofty expectations when it was released.

From excellent gameplay to an engrossing storyHalf-Life 2 ticks off all the boxes when it comes to being an excellent video game from start to end.

3 Cyberpunk 2077

While the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 might be one of the most calamitous in gaming history, there’s no denying that wading through all the controversy and glitches will reveal an excellent FPS-RPG hybrid that ends up being a wild ride from start to end.

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The biggest strength in most CD Projekt Red titles has always been the storytelling, and Cyberpunk 2077 definitely doesn’t disappoint in that regard. From the main quest to the side objectives, everything in Cyberpunk 2077 absolutely oozes style and panache.

2 BioShock 2: Minerva’s Den

While it might be cheating to put another BioShock game in this list, there’s no denying that this series is the most fitting candidate to pick out recommendations that fans of the original title should appreciate.

BioShock 2 was somewhat of a disappointment for fans who expected the brilliance of the first game’s narrative to bleed into its sequel. Thankfully, its DLC — Minerva’s Den — more than makes up for it with a brilliant story that will keep players hooked right up until the very end.

1 BioShock Infinite

After working on BioShock, Ken Levine assembled his team to focus on a different title that would up the ante when it comes to storytelling in video games. This was achieved in BioShock Infinite, which is widely considered to be one of the greatest video games ever made.

From its excellent shooter gameplay to the excellence of its mind-boggling story, BioShock Infinite is a wild and enjoyable ride from start to end. This game serves as a fitting addition to the legacy of the original BioShock.

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