Apex Legends Fan Creates Impressive Gunsmith Feature | Game Rant

Apex Legends Fan Creates Impressive Gunsmith Feature | Game Rant

Customizing weapons in first-person shooters has grow to be a staple because of the Gunsmith feature in games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. There’s a veritable cottage trade {of professional} gamers and streamers determining which customized weapon loadouts can min/max the very best stats in numerous Name of Obligation titles, and one fan of Apex Legends appears to assume one thing related may very well be profitable in Respawn Leisure’s battle royale.

Reddit consumer GhostAlireza uploaded a video to the r/apexlegends subreddit Sunday exhibiting off their idea for an Apex Legends Gunsmith function using the Alternator SMG. Within the mock-up; created with Blender, Substance Painter, LegionReleasev, and the Adobe suite in line with their YouTube video description; gamers can customise numerous components of their weapons alongside selecting a pores and skin – together with the usage of items based mostly on Titanfall 2 idea artwork.

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The parts that may be personalized for the Alternator embody its barrel, muzzle, underbarrel, journal, and inventory. Very like loadouts for weapons such as Call of Duty: Warzone‘s MAC-10, every customization choice comes with buffs and debuffs, which means gamers may select to make use of one thing centered on benefitting harm or lessening recoil. Within the feedback on Reddit, GhostAlireza stated they might mix the concept of loadouts with Apex Legends‘ attachment system by making loadout stats weaker, however in a position to be augmented by means of in-game pickups.

Whereas some commenters on Reddit have expressed an curiosity in seeing a Gunsmith-like function, others really feel it might not mesh effectively with Apex Legends‘ loot-based weapon system. Reddit consumer Sebastianx21 suggests weapons may begin off primary in loot containers however change to a participant’s preset loadout when collected, whereas others really feel the concept may fit higher as a purely beauty choice much like weapon skins.

The thought of incorporating a Gunsmith-styled system for beauty differentiation will not be unprecedented. Final yr, PUBG Mobile debuted a “Guncraft” feature that permits gamers to regulate the designs and colours of their weapons with out including attachments which have the potential to interrupt its mechanical steadiness. If Apex Legends had been so as to add such a function, this can be simpler to include with its present methods.

It is unclear whether or not Respawn Leisure has an curiosity in such an thought, but when the studio winds up including a Gunsmith function, it may probably get quite a bit out of GhostAlireza’s shiny mock-up. The battle royale is at the moment mid-way by means of its seventh season of content material, however current leaks have prompt that Apex Legends Season 8 will include an anniversary event. At this level, solely time will inform what the builders have up their sleeves.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Change model in improvement.

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