Apex Legends Leak Reveals King’s Canyon Team Deathmatch Style Mode

Apex Legends Leak Reveals King’s Canyon Team Deathmatch Style Mode

Apex Legends is edging closer and closer to its second anniversary and fans are already anticipating what it will bring. Unfortunately for developer Respawn, as is the nature of things, some details have already been leaked, such as a new anniversary event that will let players choose their own Heirloom. But not everything is necessarily set in stone. For instance, the supposed team deathmatch mode.

Such a mode has been leaked in the past before, even as early as Apex Legends‘ initial release in 2019, but it’s never been included in the game proper. One reliable leaker/dataminer, Shrugtal, however, found references in the game’s files to an Arena mode of some description ahead of the beginning of Season 7.

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More recently, Shrugtal believes they have found more evidence supporting the existence of this Arena mode, which apparently functions similarly to team deathmatch. According to Shrugtal, Arena triggers are in the latest file for the King’s Canyon map. The mode splits players into two teams of three, with them spawning on opposite ends of the map. They also provided their own drawing to better explain their discovery.

Shrugtal adds that there are at least seven different arenas across the map – Capacitor, Rig, Broken Relay, Gauntlet, Cascades, Repulsor, and Water Treatment – though they remind everyone that none of the information uncovered is final and subject to change. It’s possible that it’s only set up this way for internal testing.

There’s also necessarily no guarantee that the mode will even be included. If it is true, it’s unlikely it will be added within the next couple of weeks. Season 7 is still currently running and isn’t expected to end until February, so if the Arena mode is real, Respawn’s probably saving it for when Season 8 starts.

Some players are likely more curious about what new playable Legend will be added to the game in Season 8. There are still plenty of characters uncovered through datamining that have yet to make an appearance, such as the tank-like Jericho and the admittedly overpowered-sounding Immortal. Previous new additions have been leaked in the past, so all signs point to whoever the new character is being one fans already have some knowledge of, unless Respawn have done a particularly good job at hiding them.

Speaking of Respawn, while many still hope that it will make Titanfall 3 one day, it’s believed that the studio is working on a completely new IP. A now deleted job listing mentioned something about “adventuring forever,” which suggests a live-service game akin to Destiny.

Apex Legends is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’s scheduled to release for Nintendo Switch this year and Android and iOS in 2022.

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