BioWare Store Adds Impressive Mass Effect Omniblade Lamp

BioWare Store Adds Impressive Mass Effect Omniblade Lamp

BioWare has revealed exciting news regarding its plan to re-release the iconic Mass Effect trilogy in the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collection. Serving as a great entry-point for new fans, anyone who missed an entry in the series, or long-time players looking to re-live the adventures of Commander Shepherd, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will contain modernized versions of the three main entries in the series.

With one of gaming’s most passionate communities, Mass Effect has not only inspired its fans on the fronts of art and cosplay, but has garnered a rather impressive official merchandise selection for fans to peruse as well. Joining the family of space-techy goods and just in time for the Legendary Edition is an impressively modeled acrylic omni-blade lamp.

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Originally introduced in-series with Mass Effect 3, the omni-blade has proven a popular series staple since. A product of the miraculous omni-tool, a holographically projected, forearm localized device that allows commander Shepherd to interface with all manners of alien technology, the omni-blade serves as a directly weaponized application of the tool’s potential. While typically hailed for its plausible enough quasi-scientific grounding, the third installment in the series had taken the idea of the omni-blade to wild new possibilities ranging from the blade to holographic armor.

Fortunately, BioWare has made it more possible than ever to enjoy the illumination of an omni-blade as safely as possible with this newly announced Omni-blade shaped lamp. Standing 10.5 inches (26.67 centimeters) tall and made of wholly transparent die-cut acrylic, this imposing light comes with the flexibility of being powered via a USB connection with an included cable or three AA batteries, not included. Perhaps the best part of this highly collectible piece is that at $23, a pre-order for March seems especially affordable to any die-hard Mass Effect enthusiast.

As fans prepare for the resurgence in popularity of the Mass Effect franchise, BioWare’s own efforts towards developing a fourth installment of the main series is sure to benefit from the revenue generated by the re-release. In the meantime, brushing up on the lore of what was one of the studio’s flagship titles beside Dragon Age proves easier than ever with ample lore guides, fan-made theorycraft videos, and explanations of the finer details that make Mass Effect as rich a galaxy of storytelling to explore as it is.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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