Demon’s Souls PS5: 10 Hidden Locations Only Experts Found

Demon’s Souls PS5: 10 Hidden Locations Only Experts Found

Demon’s Souls Remake is exactly what the fans of the original game and more. Bluepoints Games knew what they were doing and they knew what the fans wanted. This remake is as faithful and loyal as it can be and it made the game even more incredible than it already is.

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Aside from a couple of design changes, Bluepoint Games’ remake is essentially just the same Demon’s Souls game from 2008, but with better graphics. They’ve also added in a couple of secrets and easter eggs as well, all in service to its fans. This game has a lot of hidden and secret locations only the most dedicated fans will only be able to uncover.

10 Executioner Miralda’s Tower

Executioner Miralda is an NPC players will be able to fight in the game, in world 1 – 1, no less. The only catch is the world tendency needs to be in either pure black or pure white. Executioner Miralda is inside a locked tower, one that will only open once the player fulfills the previously mentioned requirement.

Miralda is a formidable opponent so they should not underestimate this NPC. Once they win, however, they’ll be rewarded with durable armor, along with the other treasures that can be looted inside the tower.

9 Demonbrandt

The Demonbrandt is the counterpart of King Allant’s weapon, Soulbrandt. This weapon is entirely unique as it cannot be upgraded and its buff and damage will solely depend on the player’s character tendency.

This powerful sword is located inside a tower in world 1 – 1. The players will need to have the Mausoleum key in order to open the gates, which they can retrieve by completing Ostrava’s questline or killing him right away. There are two opponents guarding this weapon, both incredibly powerful ones.

8 Shortcut To The Flamelurker

The Flamelurker’s level may be one of the game’s more forgiving ones, but the boss fight itself is an absolute nightmare to get to. The Flamelurker is one of the most difficult bosses in Demon’s Souls, and that’s saying a lot already.

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Thankfully, there’s a shortcut players can take that will help players get to Flamelurker. There’s a pit beyond the Scale Miners that the players can drop down to if they’re extremely careful. There are platforms that will allow the players to land safely. This path is considerably shorter than the regular route, unfortunately not that many players know about it.

7 Sage Freke

Sage Freke is an NPC the players can rescue. The only thing is, getting to him can be a little bit tricky. He is in the Prison of Hope in 3 – 1, an area which many players know is an incredibly annoying level, not only for its touch enemies but also for its discombobulating architecture.

The visionary sage is inside a cell, and the key can be picked up right before the level’s boss area. Backtrack for a bit and head to 2F and Sage Freke can be found inside one of the cells.

6 Adjudicator Glitch

World 4 – 1 isn’t the most challenging level of the game. Couple that with this incredible glitch, or rather a level design issue, it can be made even easier. This oversight was once featured in the original game, and Bluepoint Games, loyal to a fault, included it in the remake.

There is a wall atop the level’s first watchtower that the players can fast roll onto. Successfully doing this will place the players right before the level’s boss area.

5 Yuria’s Cell

Yuria, the Witch is an NPC the players must first rescue if they want to gain access to her advanced spells. Those who have played the original game know how to rescue her, but Bluepoint Games has since altered this method making it more complicated and lengthy.

In the original, the players only need to equip the Official’s Cap in order to gain access to Yuria’s cell and rescue her. In the remake, however, the full Official set is needed before a bridge leading up to her can be accessed.

4 Selen Vinland

Selen Vinland is an NPC that has close ties with a specific boss fight. Selen can be found in the 5 – 2, in the Valley of Defilement, arguably the game’s most frustrating, most disgusting, and most interesting level.

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Selen Vinland will appear on an isolated island located in world 5 – 2 if the world tendency is pushed to pure white. Once this requirement is met, it can be easy to spot Velen here. She will provide the players with a side quest involving her brother, Garl Vinland.

3 Moonlight Sword

The Large Sword of Moonlight is a trademark weapon courtesy of FromSoftware Games. It is one of the game’s most powerful weapons so picking it up is absolutely worthwhile. It is far from easy and simple, though.

The main reason why people miss this sword is that most players will just clamor and rush to get away from the place. However, if they power through the Swamp of Sorrow, right around where the slugs are, they’ll find this weapon being surrounded by even more slugs.

2 The Secret Door

This secret location is perhaps the game’s most popular at this point, mainly because many recognizable figures in the game’s fandom has covered it to oblivion. Be that as it may, this area is still pretty difficult to get through.

The secret location in question is the door behind an illusory wall in world 1 – 3. In order to open the door, players will need to collect 26 ceramic coins and trade them to Sparkly the Crow, in exchange for the Rusted Iron Key. This key will open the door, rewarding the players with the Penetrator’s Armor set.

1 1 – 4 Shortcut

World 1 – 4 is the final level of the game. It is also notorious for being incredibly frustrating. This is mainly due to the massive dragon that’s guarding the path leading up to King Allant’s castle. In the original, there is no way to get around the dragon, much to the dismay of players. In the remake, however, it seems the developers have listened to the decade-long plight of the players.

There is a lever the players can activate which will open a tower door, allowing the player to skip the bridge path altogether.

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