Dishonored Creator’s Next Game May Have A Fantasy Setting

Dishonored Creator’s Next Game May Have A Fantasy Setting

With the studio set to release Deathloop later this year, Arkane Studios is already incredibly busy ensuring its brand of dynamic and experimental gameplay makes the jump seamlessly to the PlayStation 5. However, recent news seemed to indicate that the studio is already well underway on its next project, with the co-creator of the Dishonored series, Harvey Smith, admitting he wasn’t working on Deathloop and instead developing a separate game at Arkane.

As spotted by Twitter user Timur222, the LinkedIn profile of Arkane Studios‘ Senior VFX Artist Lisa Charriere might indicate the genre for this mysterious new project. On the artist’s profile is an as of yet unannounced release created in the Unreal 4 Engine, with Charriere noting that the title is a “fantasy” game.

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Should the listing reference Arkane’s most recent project – which could be likely considering Arkane was hiring animators for a project in Unreal Engine 4 back in September – it definitely seems like a fitting pick for the studio. Through the team’s work on Dishonored and Prey, it’s constantly proved it has an aptitude for creating expansive settings filled with deep lore. A fantasy world is the prime setting to flex its world-building muscles, especially considering the team has proved time and time again it can tackle popular genres with unique flair and character. Delivering a new original IP also sticks to the sentiment offered by Deathloop creative director Dinga Bakaba back in May last year, who told IGN Arkane was “not a studio of one game, and I don’t think we ever will be.”

While many will no doubt want a sequel to Prey or a new Dishonored game set in the stealth-action game’s thoroughly unique universe, Arkane stands by the fact that both will only be made if the team has a story it wants to tell. Speaking on Dishonored during his interview with IGN, Bakaba claimed the franchise’s story is currently wrapped up, with Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attono’s battle against Delilah at the climax of the story concluding their arc. Even The Outsider’s story was dealt with in the game’s DLC, The Death of the Outsider, leaving little for Arkane to expand upon in the current narrative. That being said, he did hint that the studio could return to Dishonored at some point in the future.

Outside of Arkane’s future plans, Deathloop is still primed to launch very soon, with fans of the studio excited to finally get stuck into its action-packed assassination extravaganza. Following Colt as he ventures across Blackreef island, the game sees players tasked with assassinating eight targets before the night’s out. Failing to accomplish this task or dying in the process will return players to the beginning of a time-loop, making for what looks to be a mind-bending stealth-action adventure.

Arkane Studios is currently rumored to have an unannounced project in development

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Source: LinkedIn, IGN

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