Divinity Original Sin 2: 10 Best Skills In The Hydrosophist Tree

Divinity Original Sin 2: 10 Best Skills In The Hydrosophist Tree

Hydrosophist is a skill tree in Divinity: Original Sin 2 that deals with, well, water. That is pretty obvious, but what isn’t obvious are the skills that a player who chooses this skill tree gets access to. Like the majority of RPGs out there, water in Divinity 2 has a focus on healing.

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Multiple skills in the tree allow a player to heal their allies. The Hydrosophist skill tree is also filled with pretty devastating attacks. So whether a player wants to focus on helping their allies in a battle or deal damage is up to them. Just be wary of the ice.

10 Healing Ritual

Restoration is a great skill that many players will pick up. It heals allies and provides health regeneration for a few turns afterward. It also makes for a great weapon against the undead. Healing Ritual is a step above Restoration as it provides healing for every ally within its range. It even heals the caster, making it better than Restoration.

On top of that, if players target an undead enemy, this skill will chain to other nearby undead enemies and damage them all at once.

9 Rain

Rain may seem like a basic skill but it is used for both battle and clearing obstacles from the world. This skill is one of the most utilized by players who focus on the Hydrosophist skill tree. Outside of combat, players can use Rain to spread blessed areas and extinguish fires.

In combat, players can still extinguish fires, put out burning teammates, and use the water on the ground to spread ice. Wet enemies are more easily frozen which is a bonus for Hydrosophist skill users.

8 Armour Of Frost

Armour of Frost is another skill that any healer should know. This skill will restore the magic armor of whoever it is cast on, and it can be used on allies, enemies, and the caster.

The bonuses go beyond just restoring magic armor. This skill also heals the burning, poisoned, stunned, frozen, suffocating, and petrified status effects. Players should grab this skill early on since it can be bought from the trainer in Fort Joy.

7 Hail Strike

Getting into the attacks, Hail Strike is one of the best the Hydrosophist tree has to offer. It causes three large balls of hail to rain from the sky and strike an area. It can hit multiple enemies if they are close together and sets the chilled status effect on them.

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Chilled makes it so that enemies take more damage from water-based attacks, and it also decreases their movement speed and dodging chance. Enemies who are struck by this skill also have a chance of getting frozen, causing them to skip their next turn.

6 Mass Cleanse Wounds

Mass Cleanse Wounds is great for players who want to dabble in Warfare as well. This skill works like Rain, except the water that falls from the sky cleanses all allies around the player. Like other healing abilities, this skill also clears status effects.

The status effects that it works on are necrofire, burning, diseased, decayed, poisoned, bleeding, suffocation, and acid. It’s obvious that this skill is a wonderful healing ability that players should grab whenever it becomes available.

5 Winter Blast

Winter Blast is another skill that players can grab early. It can be grabbed when players get to Fort Joy and should be bought whenever they have the available gold. This skill damages enemies and also causes the chilled status effect.

Stacking this ability with other ice skills can help increase the chance of freezing enemies. The more enemies frozen, the fewer turns they will get. Like other ice skills, Winter Blast freezes water and blood areas. Casting Rain before Winter Blast will leave an area of ice that enemies can slip on.

4 Global Cooling

Rain is great when it is mixed with ice skills. The results can be devastating to enemies who fall down and get knocked out. Players need to be careful when creating ice because allies can fall down as well. It can be a little tricky but worth it in the end.

Global Cooling is one of those skills that can pay off big if players use it correctly. This skill has a wide area of effect that causes all water and blood surfaces to freeze. Enemies caught in the cooling wave will get damaged and have the chilled status effect applied to them.

3 Blessed Steam

Blessed Steam is one of the few Source abilities that are available to Hydrosophist users. It shoots out a stream of steam that blesses an area and cleanses it of status effects. Water and blood in the area can become blessed. It clears the status effects frozen, chilled, diseased, decaying, plagued, and infested from anyone caught in the blast.

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Targets in the steam blast are also healed with a lingering healing effect similar to Restoration. The only downside to the ability is that it doesn’t clear the cursed status effect from allies.

2 Hail Storm

Like Hail Strike, Hail Storm causes ice shard to rain from the sky. This time, however, the ice showers a large area and severely damages enemies. This ability also leaves a massive ice field for enemies to slip on.

The area of effect of this ability is affected by talents like Far Out Man. This will increase the range of the ability and cause an even larger ice field to be formed. Of course, like other ice abilities, Hail Storm can cause enemies to become chilled and even frozen.

1 Ice Breaker

Hydrosophist users have the opportunity to create massive fields of ice in the areas where they battle. Once all that ice is surrounding the enemies, there is only one thing left to do: break it.

Ice Break causes a chain reaction that makes ice shatter across the battlefield. This damages enemies and causes each character hit by it to become chilled. This skill is best to be combined with abilities like Hail Storm, Rain, and Global Cooling.

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