Last of Us Sound Designer Joins God of War Development Team

Last of Us Sound Designer Joins God of War Development Team

While plenty of eyes have been on the upcoming, Ragnarok-focused God of War sequel already, fan expectations are about to become even higher. The latest hire for the next God of War game is extremely promising, as Beau Anthony Jimenez is now working on the game — a sound designer that has worked on major game releases such as The Last of Us 2.

Jimenez’ work is not limited to Naughty Dog’s award-winning sequel, however. He has also helped with audio on Ori and the Blind Forest, with his work influencing the original Destiny game’s expansions as well. Assistance with Destiny 2 and The Witness are also part of his impressive resume, as is work on the Chloe-focused Uncharted spinoff The Lost Legacy. Going forward, though, Jimenez will be helping develop PlayStation games exclusively.

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Jimenez announced that he has joined the PlayStation Sound team via a tweet last night, sharing that he is “honored” and “beyond thrilled” about the new position. Citing “PlayStation’s tradition of pushing the industry forward with iconic-sounding experiences” as a major reason behind his excitement regarding the job, Jimenez added that his first project would be the upcoming God of War sequel. While no details were provided about which areas Jimenez and the PlayStation Sound team will be helping Santa Monica with, the news should be received positively by fans.

One of the many parts of The Last of Us 2 that received praise was its sound design, as each encounter felt meticulously crafted and well-detailed. With standout encounters such as the surprise attack on Ellie at a certain crafting table, moments that relied entirely on audio always felt intense. Both the whistling Seraphites and the always-imposing Clickers worked so well because of their sound design, and while some players will always take issue with characters such as Abby, the audio of The Last of Us 2 has been unanimously praised — something that should make Jimenez’ recent announcement thrilling for God of War fans.

With every clash between Kratos and his Norse god opponents now likely to sound even better than it normally would have, there is even more of a reason to be hyped about the follow-up to the 2018 game. With a veteran in the industry and the rest of the PlayStation Sound team assisting, it is clear that Sony is taking the next God of War game very seriously, doing all it can to make sure Santa Monica is able to deliver another hit.

With internet influencer Alanah Pearce recently joining the Santa Monica as a writer, it seems like serious progress is being made on the sequel. Further, when a trailer for God of War Ragnarok finally arrives, fans can certainly expect it to sound amazing.

The new God of War game is in development.

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