Maneater: Everything You Need To Know About The Bio-Electric Set

Maneater: Everything You Need To Know About The Bio-Electric Set

One of the most fun aspects of Maneater isn’t just in controlling a rampaging bull shark that is capable of tearing through a fishing boat as easily as it could tear through paper, but also in customizing her with various skins that give different active and passive effects depending on the set. One of the more useful sets, particularly against wildlife, is the Bio-Electric Set.

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Turning the grey, battle-scarred bull shark into a bright, neon blue powerhouse of destruction, the Bio-Electric Set is unlike either the Shadow or Bone evolution sets, and not just because its overall design is vastly different from the other two. Capable of zapping enemies into submission, this evolution set is well worth the hassle to obtain it.

10 The Set Bonus

All evolution skins give the bull shark a particular passive bonus that increases the more pieces are equipped to her. In the Bio-Electric evolution’s case, it will increase the damage dealt by the main power of the Bio-Electric Set by up to 50% when all five pieces are equipped at once.

This is an amazing damage increase and goes a long way in ensuring that the bull shark will always come out of a battle victorious, either with Apex Predators or shark hunters.

9 How To Obtain The Bio-Electric Teeth

Unlike the Shadow and Bone evolution sets, which both need the story to progress and subsequent areas to be unlocked before the entire set can be obtained, the Bio-Electric Set doesn’t have this limitation. Every piece can be obtained once the shark hunter bosses can be battled.

In the Teeth’s case, it can be unlocked by defeating the first, and weakest, shark hunter, Bayou Willy. Unfortunately, the Teeth are the least useful piece against boats and shark hunters, so it may be worth unlocking some of the Shadow or Bone pieces before attempting to obtain the rest of the Bio-Electric Set.

8 How To Obtain The Bio-Electric Head

This piece makes the bull shark look like she is headed to a morbid masquerade ball, with tentacles flaring out from either side of her face that look like they belong on a jellyfish more than a bull shark. This piece can be obtained by defeating Percy Metcalf, the Infamy level 9 shark hunter and one of the more difficult to defeat.

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While Percy may be difficult, it is well worth the trouble as the Bio-Electric Head will stop fishing boats in their tracks when the bull shark makes contact. This piece is very useful in preventing boats from pursuing the bull shark if she needs to make a quick getaway to eat some fish and heal some health.

7 How To Obtain The Bio-Electric Body

The least outlandish looking of the entire Bio-Electric Set, even when upgraded to level 5, the Bio-Electric Body can be unlocked by defeating Butcher Boy Brady, the Infamy level 6 shark hunter. At this point, the flow of battle with shark hunters should be fairly natural and Brady shouldn’t prove to be much of an issue, though he does mark something of a turning point in boss difficulty.

When equipped, the Bio-Electric Body will inflict lightning damage while lunging and improves damage resistance as a side bonus. This is an incredibly useful piece while fighting off Apex Predators, as the added lightning effect combines with the Shadow Teeth and Head to deal a large amount of damage in a thrash attack.

6 How To Obtain The Bio-Electric Fins

One of the cooler side effects that can be obtained in Maneater comes from the Bio-Electric Fins, which can be obtained after defeating Ensign Tyler Dixon, the Infamy level 5 shark hunter with no relation to the Grand Theft Auto character of the same name.

While equipped, the Bio-Electric Fins will turn the bull shark into lightning and place stun counters on anything nearby. This is a great piece to equip if the bull shark is prone to be attacked by multiple enemies. It is particularly useful against the Sperm Whale Apex Predator as it is very easy to get surrounded by enemies in that encounter.

5 How To Obtain The Bio-Electric Tail

The Bio-Electric Tail allows the bull shark some degree of ranged damage, though it doesn’t have the distance nor the consistency of the Shadow Tail. The Bio-Electric Tail can be obtained by defeating Mama Maybelle, the Infamy level 8 shark hunter.

Like Percy, Maybelle is incredibly difficult to defeat and may require multiple attempts without the right skins equipped. While equipped, the Bio-Electric Tail gives the bull shark the ability to launch an electric wave while performing a Tailwhip that places stun counters on anything in its path, making it a decent way to engage larger enemies like Apex Predators.

4 Upgrading

In order to upgrade the Bio-Electric Set to its highest, and strangest looking, form, the bull shark will need to collect a large amount of Fat for each piece. The total upgrade cost comes to 44000 Fat and 525 Mutagen for each piece to reach level 5.

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The best way to collect all that Fat is to “defeat” Scaly Pete in Sapphire Bay, which unlocks the Fat Digestion Organ evolution. When fully upgraded, this organ increases the amount of Fat gained from creatures by 30% while also boosting the amount of health gained by feeding by the same amount.

3 Paired Organ Evolutions

The full set of Bio-Electric evolutions has the highest damage output of all three evolution sets but also has a distinct lack of defense and speed as a result. To counter this, it is best to equip the Reinforced Cartilage Organ evolution, which can be obtained by finding all Landmarks in The Gulf, as it decreases damage taken by 15%.

The Adrenal Gland organ, which can be obtained by defeating Candyman Curtis, the Infamy level 4 shark hunter, also increases all forms of speed by 30% while at 30% health or lower.

2 When To Use It

The best use of the Bio-Electric Set is against any enemy with a large pool of health. While some of the effects work well against boats, many of them work much better on marine animals and can go a long way to helping defeat all of the Apex Predators in the game.

The Bio-Electric Set’s ability to stun enemies also helps in this regard, as its slow speed means that the bull shark can often find it hard to dodge enemy attacks in the heat of battle.

1 Its Design Influence

Certain aspects of the Bio-Electric Set, mainly the tentacles that shoot off from the bull shark’s body, hint that the set is based on some sort of octopus. However, the fact that the core element of the set is based around lightning effects and stunning may indicate that it is based more on electric eels than octopi.

The luminescent nature of the set could also indicate that it takes influence from angler fish, which also have similar protrusions to the Bio-Electric evolution set, though not to as extreme of a degree.

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