Maneater: Everything You Need To Know About The Bone Set

Maneater: Everything You Need To Know About The Bone Set

While the Shadow Set turns the bull shark of Maneater into an aquatic vampire and the Bio-Electric Set turns her into a deep-sea fish that can electrocute any creature unfortunate enough to come too close to her, the Bone Set takes a different approach. It turns her into a living submarine that can take damage far better than either of the other sets.

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Turning her body’s scarred exterior into an impenetrable, boney armor, equipping the Bone Set can mean the difference between taking a fatal blow and living to fight another day. It can help in harder Apex Predator battles as well as in the final battle against Scaley Pete.

10 The Set Bonus

The Bone Set is a fairly simple one, as the passive bonus gained from equipping each piece is an increase to damage reduction, with the amount going up exponentially with each new piece being added.

With one piece equipped, it will grant 1 stage extra to damage reduction; meanwhile, the full set grants a whopping 10 stages, making it one of the quickest ways to increase damage reduction. However, as good as this set bonus is, it is somewhat hindered by the difficulty in obtaining it.

9 How To Obtain The Bone Teeth

While both the Shadow and Bio-Electric Sets have their own difficulties in obtaining each piece, the Bone Set may be the hardest to complete as it requires defeating Apex Predators to unlock each piece. The Bone Teeth, however, is definitely the easiest and can be unlocked by defeating the Apex Barracuda in Dead Horse Lake.

While this may be the easiest, the Apex Barracuda is also incredibly fast and deals much more damage than regular barracudas. While equipped, the Bone Teeth deals additional thrash damage and increased bite damage to boats, which comes in handy in subsequent areas of the game.

8 How To Obtain The Bone Head

The Bone Teeth may be the easiest obtain, but the Bone Head is by far the hardest. Although not the most difficult Apex Predator, the Apex Orca comes in a close second, being a whopping level 40 and one of the most deadly enemies the bull shark is likely to face. It isn’t recommended to attempt this fight without reaching the max level and obtaining the Mega growth stage.

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While equipped, the Bone Head increases ramming damage, ram force, damage resistance, boat crew damage resistance, and boat crew knockback resistance. This by far the most perks for any evolution piece in Maneater and will help immensely in fighting off the shark hunter bosses to acquire the Bio-Electric Set.

7 How To Obtain The Bone Body

Although the Bone Body piece may look somewhat monstrous, making the bull shark’s scars more pronounced while giving it a light grey appearance, the side effects of equipping it are fairly simple.

The Bone Body can be unlocked by defeating the Apex Hammerhead in Sapphire Bay. While it deals quite a substantial amount of damage if precautions aren’t taken, the Apex Hammerhead is made easier to defeat due to its battlefield being much larger than others. If equipped, the Bone Body grants access to the Bone Crusher ability, which deals increased damage while ramming and pairs well with the Bone Head piece.

6 How To Obtain The Bone Fins

Considering how each piece of the Bone Set functions, the Bone Fins may be one that fits the Shadow Set better than its own for the effect it gives. The Bone Fins can be obtained by defeating the Apex Mako, a relatively difficult battle if it is attempted as soon as it becomes available since the battle area is relatively small for how much the Mako moves around.

While equipped, the Bone Fins deal damage to enemies when evading damage and, when combined with other Bio-Electric and Shadow pieces, can ensure the bull shark is dealing consistent damage even when not actively attacking.

5 How To Obtain The Bone Tail

The final piece of the Bone Set, unlike the Shadow and Bio-Electric Tails, doesn’t grant the bull shark a ranged attack while equipped. However, the Bone Tail does have its own advantages when combined with the rest of the Bone Set.

The Bone Tail can be unlocked by defeating the Apex Great White, one of the more difficult Apex Predators in the game. While it isn’t as destructive as the Orca or Sperm Whale, the Great White does have a  speed advantage that those two don’t and can be very dangerous if it isn’t approached while it’s alone. While equipped, the Bone Tail increases Tailwhip damage, splash radius, and increases damage resistance, making it a decent option for taking on boats.

4 Upgrading

In order to upgrade the Bone Set to its fullest potential, the bull shark will need to acquire a large amount of Mineral for the process. This means munching on every turtle she can get her enormous jaws around. To fully upgrade each piece in the Bone Set, she will need 44000 Mineral and 525 Mutagen for each piece.

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The best way to farm for Mineral is to equip the Mineral Digestion Organ evolution, which is obtained after defeating Pookie Paul, the Infamy level 3 shark hunter boss. The Mineral Digestion Organ requires Fat to upgrade. When equipped at level 5, it increases the amount of Mineral obtained by 30%.

3 Paired Organ Evolutions

The Bone Set is powerful and incredibly defensive, but it has a distinct lack of speed and is lacking in some power compared to the Bio-Electric Set. With this in mind, it is best to pair the Bone Set with the Brutal Muscles Organ, which can be obtained by defeating Captain Robert Brunlett, the Infamy level 9 shark hunter boss, and the Adrenal Gland Organ, which is obtained by defeating Candyman Curtis, the Infamy level 4 shark hunter boss.

The Subliminal Evasion Organ, which is obtained by defeating the Apex Sperm Whale, is also a decent choice as it will prevent any aggressive wildlife from attacking the bull shark that is smaller than her.

2 When To Use It

The best use of the Bone Set is against shark hunters and their boats, which makes it perfect to use against Scaly Pete whenever the bull shark decides she wants another taste of him. With the full set equipped, it is very easy to sink fishing boats with only a few attacks, leaving most fisherman vulnerable to being munched on by the bull shark for some extra health.

While the set does have some use against marine enemies, the fact that it can’t be unlocked until most Apex Predators have been defeated means that it is largely useless in those scenarios.

1 Its Design Influence

It is clear from the design of the Bone Set that it was influenced by prehistoric boney fish. In particular, it takes a lot of inspiration from the Dunkleosteus, a prehistoric fish with a bony jaw that could bite through just about everything that stood in its way. It also grew up to 10 meters, or 33 feet, in length.

Its bite is believed to be significantly stronger than any modern-day shark, including the Great White, which was helped by the fact that it had a serrated jawbone rather than teeth.

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