Mass Effect’s Funko Pops Are Wildly Expensive | Game Rant

Mass Effect’s Funko Pops Are Wildly Expensive | Game Rant

Funko Inc. was created in 1998 and specializes in making novelty items for a variety of pop culture factions. Though the company rose to fame in recent years from super-stylized “Funko Pop!” vinyl figurines, it originally created “Wacky Wobblers”—bobble head figures of pop culture icons. Many collectors have flocked to Funko to find their favorite characters as adorable, almost chibi-style figures. There are tons of different fandoms that have been Funko Pop!’d, including BioWare’s ever-popular Mass Effect series.

The original Mass Effect trilogy has 5 different Funko Pops which released in 2013 and are now “vaulted,” meaning they won’t be made again. Sometimes, this means the character design will be tweaked and re-released, but this isn’t the case for these Mass Effect Pops. While to celebrate the debut of Mass Effect: Andromeda, there were 8 different Pops released in 2017, some of which have not yet been vaulted. The price of these stylized figures can vary widely, but the Funko App combined with Pop Price Guide (PPG) updates daily to give accurate estimates for how much each figure is going for that day. While the Andromeda pops are relatively cheap, the OG Mass Effect figures are simply not.

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Many Mass Effect fans appreciate the courageous power demonstrated by Commander Shepard throughout the original trilogy, whether players chose a Renegade or Paragon playthrough. Though Funko only made the male Commander Shepard figure, he still trends for upwards of $50 on the Funko App. However, depending on the condition of the box he comes in, fans will find this iconic character listed from $39.99 up to over $100—not including shipping or tax.

According to the Funko App, this sassy biotic companion is worth about $46. However, online sellers have Miranda listed for anywhere from $30 out of box up to over $90. She’s even got the mark of an early Funko Pop—no eyebrows and a less polished design. If collectors are massive fans of Miranda, she isn’t too hard to find, but the challenge may be finding her in-box as opposed to out-of-box.

PPG reports that this beloved krogan is worth $95, and his online listings pretty much match that price range. That being said, Grunt is inarguably one of the hardest companions to track down from the original Mass Effect line. If someone is on the hunt for him, they can expect to pay upwards of over $100 for this nearly indestructible companion if they want him in mint condition.

Half of one of the greatest romances of the Mass Effect franchise, Garrus’ Pop even gets the details of his scars correct along with his sniper rifle. PPG has Garrus estimated at around $60, but online sellers have a different number in mind. This turian is regularly listed for over $100, sometimes jumping up to over $135.

The most expensive of the original Mass Effect trilogy line is Tali’Zorah, clocking in at a value of $130. Much like other early Funko Pops, Tali is without eyebrows, though no one could really tell behind her helmet. Oddly enough, though Tali typically has a gun in the game, her Funko Pop is without one. Even harder to find than Grunt, fans may spend a long time searching for Tali, and even longer trying to find a listing under $100.

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Unlike the original Mass Effect series and the creation of only male Shepard, Funko took a different route and only created the female Pathfinder, Sara Ryder. Unlike the predecessor Mass Effect line, Sara Ryder had different variations of her design—one where she’s masked, unmasked, or in N7 gear rather than the Pathfinder suit. PPG lists these variations as ranging from $7 to $10 in price, and online sellers have listed her for about the same.

The Funko App lists Liam for a going price of $5, probably because he, much like the rest of Mass Effect: Andromeda, was not particularly well-received by fans or critics. Many online stores have Liam listed for at least $10, but that’s not surprising given that’s the typical price of a Funko Pop in general.

Asari archaeologist Pelessaria B’Sayle, known as PeeBee, has an approximate worth of $4. This is in reference to both her normal Pop and her Target exclusive variation, titled PeeBee (With Gun). Her Pop is pretty adorable, even capturing her signature dark makeup across her eyes. Some sellers have her listed anywhere from $7 up to $11, which, again, is the average price of a still circulating Funko Pop.

The angara were introduced in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and this stylized version of Jaal, according to the Funko App, is worth $8. Certain online sellers have him listed for about this price, while others have high-jacked the price up to over $20. As long as potential Funko Pop buyers and collectors know where to look, it’s easy to find certain Pops for reasonable prices.

The only Mass Effect villain to get Funko Pop’d, PPG lists The Archon at $11, which is surprising given that his design is actually a “Super Sized Pop”—meaning it stands at 6 inches tall instead of the usual 3.75 inches of regularly sized Pops. Most online sellers have him listed for $11 or less, but other big retailers have him listed for upwards of $40. Similarly to Jaal, as long as buyers know where to look, they can find a great deal on Funko Pops.

There hasn’t been any news about making more Mass Effect Funko Pops, so fans of the series will have to settle for these 13 for now. Though the Funko App and PPG says the prices update daily, there’s typically not a lot of fluctuation in prices on a day-to-day basis. Of course, these prices are all approximations and estimates, but PPG is a wonderful guide for Funko Pop collectors to follow when it comes to staying on top of pricing trends.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be available Spring 2021.

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