Mysterious Overwatch Letter May Hint at New Sword-Wielding Hero

Mysterious Overwatch Letter May Hint at New Sword-Wielding Hero

The official Overwatch Twitter web page reveals a cryptic piece of lore, probably pointing to a brand new hero. The tweet hyperlinks to a letter involving sword masters related to the Shimada Clan, of which Overwatch’s Genji and Hanzo have been part of.

Blizzard’s try on the hero-based crew shooter is one which has seen an unlimited quantity of recognition and acclaim. Since playable heroes are the bread and butter of the gameplay in Overwatch, new characters are an thrilling prospect. Since launch, Blizzard has utilized vague tidbits from the game’s lore, like photos and quick memos, to tease upcoming hero reveals.

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This addition follows the identical technique, providing lore exterior of the primary forged whereas constructing on the sport’s world. The letter is written by Asa, a blade-wielder, for her husband Kashiko, a weaponsmith. All through the textual content, Asa laments Kashiko’s obligations away from house, reminisces on the Shimada Clan of the previous, and describes worrying occasions. Most important to the sport, Asa mentions the Shimada selected her to be their swordmaster. This expands on Genji and Hanzo’s animated short by revealing their trainer.

Nonetheless, Asa’s previous shouldn’t be the one cause why gamers might imagine a blade hero is coming. She describes how their daughter appreciates her father’s present, which from the context clues appears to be a blade. Asa decries the Hashimoto Clan, of which Kashiko is a member, for making a harmful surroundings for his or her daughter. Thus, Asa tells her husband about how she should patrol the streets as a protector. Whether or not the brand new hero is Asa or her daughter, the implication is {that a} blade-using hero is imminent.

Nonetheless, Asa’s letter shouldn’t be particular and doesn’t include any character reveals or photos. The format and timing are much like new playable characters reveals of the previous, and Blizzard has stated new heroes would be coming to Overwatch 2, so a possible melee character shouldn’t be out of the playing cards. In any case, lore releases maintain hype for the sport going, and can possible encourage loads of hypothesis from gamers.

For the reason that announcement of its sequel, Overwatch has seen little within the type of new content material updates. Whereas experimental mode gives enjoyable new tweaks, it’s insignificant compared to the earlier content material. It’s identified that Overwatch 2 will be showcasing changes, together with a narrative mode, however to date no new characters are identified. It’s attainable that this letter will not be referring to a personality, however the brand new deathmatch map Kanezaka, which is a city beneath Shimada Citadel. Gamers will simply have to attend and see what Blizzard has up its sleeve for future hero releases.

Overwatch is obtainable now on PC, PS4, Swap, and Xbox One.

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