Persona 5 Royal: 10 Improvements ATLUS Can Make With A PC Port

Persona 5 Royal: 10 Improvements ATLUS Can Make With A PC Port

The Persona series is easily one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, overshadowing its main series Shin Megami Tensei when it comes to sheer popularity. One can argue that Persona 5 was the game that launched the series into the mainstream in the most definitive manner possible, allowing for an entire generation of gamers to finally get into one of the greatest and most addictive JRPG franchises of all time.

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Now, with Persona 4 Golden on Steam and Persona 5 Strikers also being slated for a PC port, the conversation around whether Persona 5 would also release on PC has certainly gained a ton of traction as well. If this move does come to pass, then ATLUS should make the following changes in Persona 5 to make it all the more accessible and optimized that it already is.

10 60 FPS Gameplay Would Be A Nice Start

The first and foremost thing that most people would want — and what ATLUS would definitely integrate, given their treatment of the Persona 4 Golden port — is allowing players to run Persona 5 at 60 FPS.

On a PC, it’s a given that most people would except a game to touch 60 FPS at the very least, and Persona 5 is more than capable of running at this framerate on modern systems.

9 A Vast Number Of Customizable Graphical Settings

60 FPS is just the tip of the iceberg — most PC gamers would want to fiddle with every aspect of the game’s graphics in order to optimize it for their own system.

While it’s true that having high-end graphics isn’t what the Persona series is known for, having these options for Persona 5 would still be quite welcome regardless.

8 Stabilizations On PC To Keep The Experience As Seamless As Possible

One of the biggest problems with the Persona 4 Golden port was the fact that the game used to hang up or crash occasionally, with the bulk of these moments coming near the tail-end of this experience.

It goes without saying that these crashes can definitely ruin one’s immersion and experience with the game, which is why ATLUS should be careful when it comes to porting Persona 5 — such pointless crashes should be taken care of to ensure a smooth experience for gamers.

7 Adding Engine Tools For Modding Purposes

It’s only a given that most PC gamers would want to enjoy mods that end up either giving minor improvements or major overhauls to the games they play, and a PC port of Persona 5 would be no exception to this treatment.

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So, in a bid to make things easier for modders, it would certainly be a great move from ATLUS to add creation tools or something along the same lines for modders to fool around with the game files and allow for entirely new and different experiences that can make Persona 5 even more of a legendary product.

6 Proper Mouse And Keyboard Support That Isn’t An Afterthought

The biggest problem that most PC ports of console-specific games face is the mouse and keyboard support of most titles being nothing more than a complete afterthought that makes the overall experience quite clunky for gamers.

Persona 5 should ideally be able to avoid this problem with ease — the game doesn’t really require picture-perfect controls aside from a few instances, which should ideally make the act of playing the game on a mouse and keyboard fairly easy.

5 Integrating A Fast-Forward Option To Make Battles And Grinding Snappier

While this is a mechanic that is mostly being integrated in older JRPGs that are being released on PC, there’s no denying the fact that an extremely long game like Persona 5 could definitely benefit from a fast-forward option.

While this option already exists for cutscenes, making it universal will allow for the more impatient players to breeze through the dungeons and battles without getting too frustrated in the process.

4 Adding Exclusive Content In The Form Of OSTs, Themes, Artwork, And The Like

The word “exclusivity” is something that most gamers don’t really like to hear, but Persona 5 can still include harmless pieces of digital — and physical too if they plan on that kind of a release too — content to boost the value of a player’s purchase.

However, there’s another form of exclusive content that would entice PC players even more…

3 Adding Additional Exclusive Superbosses To Spice Things Up

Most JRPGs that release on different platforms end up adding more end-game content to spice things up for different platforms, and there’s no reason as to why Persona 5 should shy away from this.

Allowing for gamers to tackle even more challenging bosses — which is undoubtedly the highlight of these games — can definitely play a major role in enhancing the quality of the PC port and making people fall in love with Persona 5 either for the first time… or all over again.

2 Making All Superbosses Accessible From The Get-Go

In fact, a major annoyance in Persona 5 was the fact that superbosses like Caroline & Justine and Lavenza couldn’t be fought until New Game+.

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Given the fact that most people wouldn’t really start another run of a game that lasted 100+ hours, perhaps the PC port could make things easier for players and let them access these fights at some point in the game itself.

1 Sprucing Up The End Fight To Make It Less Of An Interactive Event And More Of A Battle

It’s obvious that Persona 5 Royal will be the edition that ends up receiving a PC port if ATLUS ever embarks on this particular course of action… in which case, they should ideally make the final battle more challenging and less… well, whatever the term is for a combination of a JRPG battle and a quick time event.

The ending of Persona 5 Royal is ultimately dragged down by the fact that the final two battles are nothing more than pure spectacle, which is certainly somewhat of a letdown. Perhaps the PC port can make it so that people actually have to fight and defeat a boss in the second-last battle, at the very least?

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