Persona 5 Royal: 10 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Beelzebub

Persona 5 Royal: 10 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Beelzebub

Humans have always been fascinated by the supernatural. This is apparent in many video game franchises, which often include references to real-world mythologies and legends. The Persona series has integral game mechanics, both in and out of combat, that involve interacting with various spirits, demons, and even some angels.

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Beelzebub is often depicted as a demon in popular culture, though this entity has origins that date back before Christianity as a pagan god. In Persona 5 & Persona 5 Royal, one can ally themselves with this powerful being in a variety of ways. Some draw interesting comparisons between the lore of Beelzebub and those used in fusions to create the one sometimes referred to as “the Lord of the flies”. As with most Personas, there are plenty of options available to players when it comes to fusion. The price for fusing this prince of hell is often steep, so players will need to have a good amount of money saved up in order to obtain this end of the game commodity.

10 Attis & Baal – $388,054

In the study of demonology, which looks into the historical and anthropological significance of demons in human culture around the world, Beelzebub can be found among other demons. Some with European pagan origins, others with Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, or another of the world’s rich lore.

Baal is found among many pages of demonology books, sometimes interchangeably with Beelzebub. Therefore their inclusion into a recipe for their mightier demon kin makes sense. Attis, a figure from Greco-Roman mythology, has a brutal tale of origin that ended horribly, which aptly allows them to fit in with even the most violent of demons.

9 Raphael & Futsunushi – $388,918

The angel Raphael appears in Christian mythology and is often referred to as one of the burningly passionate seraphim or one of the righteous warrior archangels. Throughout the Persona series, this heavenly fighter is found to be associated with The Lovers Arcana and is usually one of the most powerful ones.

Futsunushi comes from a very different part of the world: Japan. He, wreathed by many blades, is the island’s deific personification of the sword. As such, he is equipped with devastating high-level physical skills, such as Brave Blade that does colossal damage to a single foe. He and Raphael fuse their physical might together to form the formidable demon appropriately in terms of combat strength.

8 Metatron & Sandalphon – $390,700

Beelzebub was not always a demon in Christian mythology. As a figure that has been in human culture longer than most realize, they have a bizarre, grand birth. They, in some texts, are mentioned to be one of the first fallen angels to be cast out of heaven alongside Lucifer himself. As such, angel personas used to create the Lord of the flies fit with the original mythology.

Also from Christian mythology, Metatron and Sandalphon appear as angels, though ones who did not fall from heaven. Metatron is usually depicted as the voice of God, and one of the most powerful angels in both the Abrahamic religions and Persona series with appropriately strong bless and almighty skills. Sandalphon is usually seen as a seraphim or archangel that fills a similar niche in Persona, though has a few more healing skills than Metatron.

7 Ongyo-Ki & Asura – $394,903

Ongyo-Ki is an invisible oni from Japanese mythology said to be the originator or all ninjutsu. He could suppress his presence and take any foe unaware. He is a persona from the Hermit Arcana with some of the best passive skills in the game, such as Regenerate 3 which heals 6% of his max HP every turn, and Firm Stance which removes the chance to dodge an attack but results in only half the damage being taken.

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Asura’s origin is much more difficult to discern, appearing in many Asian religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. They are often depicted as minor deities or powerful demons with ill, violent intent. In Persona 5 Royal, they are aligned with the nuclear element and have excellent defensive passive skills, like Auto-Mataru, which automatically increases the party’s defense for three turns.

6 Ardha & Cybele – $401,851

Ardha is a deity from Hindu mythology who is the combined body of the God Shiva and his wife Pavarti. They were said to love each other so much that they became one. Appropriate for their kindred nature, they have skills that can greatly help one’s party like Salvation, which fully heals the entire party and cures all non-special ailments.

The other half of this Beelzebub fusion, Cybele, is also a deity but from Greco-Roman mythology. She is seen as a protector of cities and also can acquire powerful healing and defensive skills. She can also learn Salvation, as well as the passive skill, Drain Bless, which allows her to absorb incoming bless damage.

5 Michael & Vohu Manah – $402,499

Another heavenly figure that can be used in a fusion to create the fallen one Beelzebub is the archangel Michael, who is often mentioned as a powerful being at the top of the angel hierarchy in Christian mythology. Understandably, Michael is usually found at the highest tiers of personas in the series. In Persona 5 Royal, he has some of the strongest offensive skills, such as Cosmic Flare, which does severe nuke damage to all enemies.

Vohu Manah is a unique-looking divine being from Zoroastrianism that represents the good state of the human mind as well as all animals in creation. P5R‘s version of this almighty aspect has the Bless Amp passive skill which boosts bless attacks by a massive 50%, making them an excellent persona to bring against foes weak to this element.

4 Maria & Macabre – $402,616

Maria, Persona 5‘s representation of the Virgin Mary from Christian mythology is the mother of Jesus Christ. She is often shown in the light of mercy and love, which makes her incredibly useful healing skills very lore-friendly. Her Holy Embrace restores a huge 25% of one’s max HP each turn. Angelic Grace, another of her high-level passive skills, doubles the evasion rate against almost every kind of attack, making her arguably the best persona to use for survivability.

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On the other side of the mythology spectrum, Macabre is a European representation of death that seems to have originated from the texts of more sinister sermons that were designed to remind mankind of their frailty and inevitable demise. Macabre in P5R can be used for one of the most terrifying one-two insta-kill combos. One the first turn, use Evil Smile for a moderate chance to inflict the fear status on all foes. On the following turn, use Ghastly Wail to instantly kill any enemy under the effects of fear.

3 Ishtar & Surt – $406,540

Another fusion that combines the divine, both for creation and destruction, meet to fuse Beelzebub. Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of love, war, and fertility. As with other maternal deities in Persona 5, she has great healing skills like Insta-Heal, which allows one to automatically recover from a status ailment after only a single turn.

Surt is a powerful being from Norse mythology. He wields a sword of fire and he was said to have forged the stars from his flames. He is also destined to bring his fire back down from them onto the worlds during Ragnarok. With his passive Fire Amp skill and his Blazing Hell attack, he can unleash severely buffed fire damage to all enemies.

2 Chi You & Alice – $420,931

In one of the oddest fusions seen, one can create Beelzebub from a Chinese God of war and…a mysterious blonde girl. Chi You was credited in Chinese mythology for inventing many weapons, as well as wielding them, and this reflects his skill set. The majority of his attacks focus on unleashing severe and colossal physically damaging moves.

Many claim that the evil and the chaotic fair-haired maiden is from Alice in Wonderland, though it is far more likely that she represents a malevolent spirit from Scandanavian folklore by the same name. She was said to visit children in their homes at night and murder them so that she can have them as eternal playmates. Accordingly, she has an arsenal of instant death attacks with which to assail foes.

1 Satan & Vohu Manah – $427,294

Satan himself, the prince of darkness from Judo-Christain mythology, can be a component in fusing Beelzebub. This feels appropriate due to how closely the two are linked in their origins pertaining to the Abrahamic religions. Satan, often depicted as residing in the frozen heart of hell, has many ice attacks that do severe damage to adversaries.

Combining them with the polar opposite of what Satan represents, Zoroastrianism’s Vohu Manah seems like an odd choice, but one that represents Persona 5 Royal‘s diverse and complex fusion system. One intent on both creating fun gameplay and forging its own lore born from the real and fascinating mythologies of the world.

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