Pokemon Sword & Shield: Everything You Need To Know About Dynamax Adventures

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Everything You Need To Know About Dynamax Adventures

The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield came with an impressive amount of content. New legendary Pokémon, old fan favorites, and several new characters all make an appearance in this vast open area.

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With exploration being such a big theme in the Crown Tundra, it makes sense to have a way for players to explore together. Enter Dynamax Adventures, a way for players to test their mettle through a gauntlet of Max Raid battles. Once a team of four set out, they can rent Pokémon in hopes of capturing a legendary that waits at the end. Navigating the tunnels can get tricky, however, so it’s best to prepare.

10 You Can Go On Adventures Right Away

There are many things to do in the Crown Tundra, as Peony sets the player out on several expeditions. From the main storyline involving Calyrex and their steed, to the legendary golem ruins, to the Galarian birds at Dyna Tree Hill. Even Sonia shows up with a mission to find the Swords of Justice roaming about. Luckily, the Max Lair where Dynamax Adventures take place is available straightaway. In fact, it’s one of the first stops trainers can make when they arrive.

9 Peonia Can Find Specific Pokémon

After going on a few Dynamax Adventures, Peony’s daughter Peonia will occasionally get excited. Talking to her in these moments, she will give the location of a specific legendary Pokémon at the price of five Dynite Ore. These will always be legendaries that have yet to be captured, so they’re worth the investment. She also finds random clothing items like Ghetsis’s monocle and Team Flare’s shades. If trainers like to accessorize, they should speak with her often for a chance at some goodies.

8 Look For The Best Route

Once the team assembles and picks their starting Pokémon for the Dynamax Adventure, a map of a large den appears. Many branching paths litter the den, but they all converge at the end, where the den’s legendary awaits. No matter which route gets picked, the team must face off against three normal Pokémon first.

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Fortunately, the map displays their types. Keep both the current team and the legendary in mind when picking a route, and go for the path that will make things easiest for the final battle. Also keep an eye out for berries, Backpackers with items, and Scientists with spare rental Pokémon.

7 Try to Peer Through The Fog

Sometimes, it gets hard to make a decision on where to go. Maybe multiple options seem appealing. Or perhaps they all threaten to end the adventure early. Whatever the case, it doesn’t hurt to wait and scope things out. Oftentimes, the fog over each Max Raid Battle will shift, allowing players to get a glimpse at their potential opponent. If they are a weak or non-fully-evolved Pokémon, they may be the best bet for reaching the end unscathed. Alternatively, a Pokémon may reveal itself as a worthy substitute to the player’s current teammate.

6 Hidden Abilities Are Common Here

Another thing to note when catching other Pokémon is that they will often have their Hidden Abilities during a Dynamax Adventure. It’s good form to catch at least one on the way to the end, especially if the legendary waiting there ends up being one that was already caught. Dynamax Adventures are also the only place in the Crown Tundra where the Hoenn starters appear. Sceptile, Blaziken, and Swampert are all possible opponents, and each one has their respective Hidden Ability. Fighting them may be tough, but the reward is definitely worth it.

5 Keep Type Matchups In Mind

It goes without saying that typing plays a vital role in successful battles, but this is especially true for Dynamax Adventures.

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No matter what enemies the team faces on the way, the most important part is the fight at the end.If the team goes into a fight against a Dragon-type legendary with a team full of Fire Pokémon, they may find themselves struggling to knock it out. Stick to a path that will allow everyone to catch a Pokémon that’s strong against the legendary; at the very least, find a partner that can resist some of the legendary’s likely attacks.

4 Support Pokémon Are Valuable

The only way to advance during a Dynamax Adventure is to defeat the Pokémon within. Even so, teammates with support moves still make for great companions. Moves like Reflect and Light Screen give the whole party a defensive boost, allowing them to survive otherwise fatal hits. Alternatively, stat-boosting moves like Coaching and healing moves like Pollen Puff provide great support for allies. A turn spent on support moves is not always the same as a turn wasted. In a mode with a limited number of lives, it’s good to go into the final fight with as many of them as possible.

3 Lowering Their Stats Is Better Than Raising Your Own

While boosting offenses with moves like Swords Dance and Calm Mind appeals to most players, it’s sometimes better to reduce the opposing Pokémon’s stats instead. The main reason for this is that each fight is a Max Raid Battle. In these fights, the opponent sometimes fires off a shockwave that negates the team’s stat changes and Abilities. If someone spent the last three turns boosting their defenses, those turns will have been for nothing. Using moves like Screech and Charm work out better, as the opponent typically won’t have a way to raise those stats up without wasting a turn.

2 Legendaries Can Only Be Caught Once

The very last fight will almost always be a challenge. The legendary Pokémon within certainly live up to their name, and they are all several levels higher than the Pokémon on the adventuring party’s team. Thankfully, once the legendary is knocked out, catching it is a guaranteed success. (Feel free to capture that Mewtwo in a measly Poké Ball if so desired.) Just keep in mind that once a legendary is caught, any repeat battles against that legendary will end without the option to capture them again. Each trainer gets one and one only. The further along players get in filling out their roster, the more and more Peonia’s services become valuable.

1 It’s All About Teamwork

While these pointers are well and good, at the end of the day, teamwork is the name of the game. No exploring team makes it through without at least some coordination and cooperation. While this is easiest to achieve with local online or the use of a voice chat app, not everyone has that luxury. When playing online, keep the rest of the party in mind when making decisions. Choose routes that benefit the party, not just a single trainer. Look at who needs to swap Pokémon before the next battle. The teams that succeed the most are the ones that work together.

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