Pokemon Sword & Shield: Everything You Need To Know About Regieleki & Regidrago

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Everything You Need To Know About Regieleki & Regidrago

Pokémon Sword and Shield introduced probably the most well-known gaming franchises onto the Nintendo Change. With their launch got here a bevy of latest Pokémon that rapidly turned fan favorites.

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Some of the shocking reveals from its DLC, nevertheless, was the inclusion of two new Regis: Regieleki and Regidrago. These two precipitated a considerable amount of hypothesis earlier than their official launch. Each being so completely different from their third-generation cousins, many had been unsure how they might examine. Now, gamers have the chance to get a deeper understanding of the 2 as they make their means throughout the Galar area.

10 Each Reside In The Crown Tundra

The very first thing to notice is that both Regieleki and Regidrago rest deep in the Crown Tundra. On this DLC growth, gamers can discover the Cut up-Determination Ruins on the rightmost facet of the tundra’s map. Navigate the Roaring Sea Caves first, then bike by the ice floes on the opposite facet to Three-Level Move. Some highly effective Pokémon wander about right here, so keep alert and hold a superb crew prepared. Sadly, the Cut up-Determination Ruins will not be available to those that come right here straight away.

9 You Should Catch The Different Regis First

With a purpose to unlock the tower, the opposite legendary golems have to be captured first. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel all have their very own ruins scattered concerning the tundra.

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Fortunately, none of those ruins require something too in depth to unlock. As soon as inside, battle and catch all three. It might be troublesome with out a correct crew, so hold their weaknesses and discovered strikes in thoughts. Additionally, make certain to refill on an assortment of Poké Balls, particularly Extremely Balls and Nightfall Balls. The Cut up-Determination Ruins will open when visited once more.

8 You Can Solely Catch One

Contained in the ruins, an array of dots litters the ground. They must be lit in a selected sample for both Regi to look. As soon as the participant settles on one, nevertheless, that is it; the opposite can’t be caught in the identical sport. Making an “X” sample causes Regieleki to reach. To summon Regidrago, make a three-pronged fork image and take away the middle dot within the upper-middle row. Consider which one to catch earlier than interacting with the statue behind the room.

7 They Have Fascinating Stat Spreads

In contrast to the opposite golems, Regieleki and Regidrago do not have spectacular defenses. In actual fact, each sport base 50 Protection and Particular Protection, making them extremely frail. Each even have middling offensive capabilities, as their Assault and Particular Assault stats are base 100. Their HP and Pace stats, alternatively, are both common or ridiculously excessive, relying on the Regi. Total, these stats make them pretty comparable so far as playstyle goes. They don’t seem to be more likely to keep on the sphere for lengthy, however they’ve the potential to dish out some good harm.

6 Regieleki Is The Quickest Pokémon

Regieleki has a base Pace stat of 200. This makes it the fastest Pokémon in the game, outspeeding even Deoxys in its Pace Forme. With the right combination of Nature and EVs, this zippy bundle of bolts will nearly all the time go first, even towards most opponents holding a Alternative Scarf.

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This velocity, in fact, comes at a price. Its base HP stat of 80, mixed with its meager defenses, imply that it will not take a lot to knock Regieleki out. If it hits one thing, it higher depend.

5 Regidrago Has A Ton Of HP

Regidrago flips the HP and Pace stat of Regieleki. With a base HP stat of 200, it has the fifth-highest quantity of well being throughout the whole Pokédex. This gives the draconic golem with a little bit of the longevity it might in any other case lack. A base 80 Pace stat is serviceable, as effectively, although it is going to nonetheless wrestle towards threatening dragons like Garchomp and Dragapult. Fortunately, Regidrago’s useable offensive stats imply it will probably return the menace with each bodily and particular strikes.

4 Each Have Sturdy Skills

A number of the most defining traits for each Regis, nevertheless, are their signature Skills. Whereas each serve the same operate, they improve the harm output for his or her same-types strikes by a big quantity.

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Regieleki’s Means is Transistor, which serves to extend the facility of Electrical-type assaults. Likewise, Regidrago’s Dragon’s Maw boosts the power of Dragon-type assaults. As they each study loads of highly effective Electrical and Dragon strikes, respectively, these Skills rapidly make their threat levels go from average to imposing.

3 Their Learnsets Are Shallow

Sadly, neither of the brand new Regis study many attacking strikes outdoors of their typing. Regieleki features entry to some Rock, Flying, and Regular strikes. However none of these actually examine its main weak point, that being Floor-type Pokémon. Regidrago has some first rate Hearth, Darkish, and Preventing protection, however nothing to outplay its major Fairy weakness. This makes each Regis pretty predictable and straightforward to counter. Something with an immunity to Electrical or Dragon strikes will probably take in their different assaults fairly handily.

2 Encounter Both A number of Instances

Regardless of their shortcomings, catching them can nonetheless show difficult with out the correct crew. Keep away from taking harm with a Floor or Fairy Pokémon (relying on which one is summoned) and use strikes like False Swipe to keep away from knocking them out. Within the occasion that the Regis do faint, nevertheless, fear not! Similar to the opposite legendary golems within the Crown Tundra, Regieleki and Regidrago regenerate. Combat them as many occasions as deemed vital. That is principally helpful for EV coaching, although one different use involves thoughts…

1 Each Can Be Shiny

Presumably probably the most distinctive side about these two is their shiny variants. Each Regieleki and Regidrago aren’t shiny locked; these are the only two legendary Pokémon introduced in the Crown Tundra that have a chance to be shiny when encountered. Regieleki’s blue coils flip a pure white, and Regidrago’s dragon cranium features a bluish-gray pallor. Since they are often fought a number of occasions, trainers can knock the golems out and check out once more for the shiny type. No want for soft-resets right here!

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