Queen Latifah Goes Full Action Hero In ‘The Equalizer’ Teaser

Queen Latifah Goes Full Action Hero In ‘The Equalizer’ Teaser

CBS is set to debut its reimagining of the 1980s crime drama series The Equalizer after Super Bowl LV. Now, the network has released the first official teaser for the series, showcasing lead star and co-creator Queen Latifah as a full action hero.

Originally airing from 1985 to 1989, CBS’ The Equalizer starred Edward Woodward as a retired intelligence agent named Robert McCall, who uses the skills he acquired throughout his mysterious past to exact justice on behalf of the innocent. The series was first rebooted as a 2014 feature film directed by Antoine Fuqua with Academy Award winner Denzel Washington as McCall, both of whom returned for the sequel in 2018.

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Now, The Equalizer franchise will return to television screens as a reboot co-created by Queen Latifah, who also stars as lead character Robyn McCall. CBS’ teaser for the series formally introduces viewers to Latifah’s McCall as a single mother who seeks redemption for her mysterious past by protecting those who cannot defend themselves through the use of her skills. The preview also features co-stars Laya DeLeon as McCall’s daughter Delilah, who questions her mother’s decision to suddenly quit her previous job, and Chris North as an ex-CIA director with ties to McCall’s past. “This new side gig of yours is raising questions to the CIA,” Noth’s character says of McCall’s exploits, prompting her to remind him that she no longer works for the organization.

Latifah shares a co-creator credit with original series creator Richard Lindheim while John Davis, John Fox, Debra Martin Chase, Andrew Marlowe, and Terri Miller are on board as executive producers. Rounding out the cast of The Equalizer reboot are Tory Kittles, Lorraine Toussaint, Liza Lapira, and Adam Goldberg. The pilot of the series was directed by Liz Friedlander, who previously helmed episodes of shows such as Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl, from a script penned by Andrew W. Marlowe & Terri Edda Miller.

The Equalizer is just the latest in a long line of ’80s properties being rebooted for modern audiences. Among the notable reboots in development is a new version of Revenge of the Nerds from Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane starring twins Keith and Kenny Lucas.

While Latifah may be best known for comedies, including Bringing Down the House and Taxi, she is no stranger to more dramatic roles. In fact, Latifah earned an Academy Award nomination for her performance as Matron “Mama” Morton in the feature film adaptation of Chicago.

The Equalizer premieres on CBS and CBS All Access on February 7, 2021.

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