Razer Reveals Gaming Chair Concept With 60 Inch Retractable Display

Razer Reveals Gaming Chair Concept With 60 Inch Retractable Display

CES 2021 will once again showcase some of the most impressive and advanced industry technology in the world, and gaming lifestyle company Razer plans to shock gamers with an immersive new gaming chair concept. Drawing inspiration from last year’s Razer Iskur gaming chair, Razer revealed an all-new design for a gaming chair that transforms into a cockpit, complete with a 60-inch retractable display and 4D armrests that roll out into adjustable peripheral tables.

Razer has been one of the most recognizable brands in gaming and esports accessories for years now, and it isn’t slowing down. Just last month, Razer revealed a new version of its popular Blade 15 Base model laptop, aiming to make it more affordable for gamers looking to upgrade their hardware. Now, Razer wants to set its sights on the future, and its design for an immersive gaming chair experience is sure to turn heads in the industry.

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Codenamed “Project Brooklyn,” Razer‘s gaming chair concept features a carbon fiber build with added RBG lighting for some luxury flair. The chair functions as a comfortable seat for gamers without any of the added tech, but the immersion experience is increased when, at the touch of a button, the chair’s backbone deploys an overhead 60 inch OLED display. The display is panoramic and rolls out at the same time the armrests deploy collapsible tables. The collapsible tables feature flexible ergonomics so gamers can switch between testing PC and console setups if need be, and separate optional setup panels in each arm rest will fold back when not in use.

As for comfort, the Project Brooklyn chair will have high-density cushions that support different body shapes. Razer has also improved upon its audio-driven haptic feedback features unveiled at CES two years ago, and plans to outfit the new chair with what it calls Razer HyperSense integration. This feature provides high-fidelity modules inside the chair that mimic vibrations experienced in-game for added tactile immersion. The chair’s RGB colors will supposedly be able to be synchronized with other peripherals, such as the company’s Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard. Cables will run neatly out the back of the chair over an adjustable base platform set for maintaining good posture during gaming sessions.

Overall the chair seems designed to mimic the feel of an arcade game setup without all of the bulky advertising frame pieces. One thing notably absent from Razer’s specs for the gaming chair design is how much this setup might cost. A quick look at OLED televisions and gaming chairs can tell anyone this design looks to possibly be thousands of dollars, which is a significant jump from gaming chairs sold during 2020 holiday sales. Razer does state that it plans to deliver a chair with a price that isn’t “astronomical” and that will conveniently fit in a bedroom or game room, but only time will tell if Razer can deliver on that promise.

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