Red Dead Online Player Hits Impressive Milestone Despite Nerf

Red Dead Online Player Hits Impressive Milestone Despite Nerf

Rockstar recently made Red Dead Online into a much grindier game with its recent update. A player managed to get 1000 gold bars despite the nerf on the daily challenges and now has nothing to purchase with the vastly accumulated gold. The Bounty Hunters Update released a bunch of fresh additions to the game and the new Pass and changes that were made to the Daily Challenges got veteran and hardcore players mad.

The player was able to get 1000 gold through various methods, a couple of weeks after the nerf was released. The method the player uses varies, but bounty hunting was his main money-maker, which involved tracking down dangerous criminals and turning them in dead or alive in return for a reward. Doing Bounty Hunts with the best gear makes the hunt easier, which earned the player about 940 gold before the nerf took effect. The player also used other ways of making money, like treasure maps from the Daily Challenge rewards, which takes players on an adventurous treasure hunt.

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The Daily Challenges’ reward got cut in half with its newest update back on December 1st. With this new update, players are getting less than what they were getting for in the Daily Challenges’ rewards. This made progression a bit harder and made the Daily Challenge gold farming method way less viable. The Daily Streak was also hit with the nerf, resetting on the 28th streak and rewarding players with only a treasure map and RDO$. Newcomers who purchased the Red Dead Online standalone release would have to spend more time than older players in order to progress.

The Daily Challenge nerf of Red Dead Online gave its player base a bitter taste of what is coming. As the standalone version of Red Dead Online being available for only $5 until February 15, there would be an influx of population, and progression for these players will be harsh, while grinders will still be swimming in gold. Gold is one of the currencies in the game that is needed in order to progress the player’s characters. To become a bounty hunter, players need gold to buy a license and to purchase Passes.

Red Dead Online hasn’t made a lot of content since launch, struggling to keep the experience fresh and exciting unlike its other live service competitors such as Grand Theft Auto Online or Destiny 2. Bugs and glitches have played a major role in keeping the game fresh, like a glitch where bridges toss players all the way to Mexico. Most of the players love the setting of the game but yearn for extra content which made players dressed up as clowns as a protest for the slow updates.

Red Dead Online is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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