Rumor: Xbox Game Pass Could Be 2020’s Most Critically-Acclaimed Game

Rumor: Xbox Game Pass Could Be 2020’s Most Critically-Acclaimed Game

Numerous highly-rated video games released in 2020, but one game stands tall above the rest as being the highest-rated game of the year, and that’s none other than Hades from Supergiant Games. The roguelike action-RPG earned rave reviews from critics, with Hades enjoying an impressive 94 average critic score, putting it ahead of other big 2020 games like The Last of Us 2Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and many more.

Hades has been a huge success so far, but its audience has been restricted to those on PC and those on Nintendo Switch. Supergiant Games has not announced any new platforms for Hades as of yet, but one has to imagine that the game will eventually make its way to PlayStation and Xbox consoles. According to a new rumor, Hades is indeed in development for Xbox, and not only that, but it may even be launching through Xbox Game Pass.

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This rumor stems from the XboxEra podcast, but details beyond that are scarce. If XboxEra’s information is accurate, then Hades should be coming to Xbox at some point in 2021, and it may very well be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers are no additional cost. Considering the near-universal acclaim Hades has earned from critics, it would be a huge “get” for the Xbox Game Pass subscription service for sure.

Xbox Game Pass has big plans for 2021, as previously teased by Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, though what exactly those plans are remains to be seen. Fans can count on Xbox Game Pass playing host to all the big Xbox console exclusive games coming this year, starting with Bloober Team’s The Medium on January 28, and including blockbuster titles such as Halo Infinite, set to launch this fall.

Rumors have been swirling about what else Xbox Game Pass has in store for 2021, with the Game Pass team make some teases themselves. It’s been teased that a popular Xbox Game Pass game that has since been removed from the service will be making a comeback at some point this year, though what that is exactly has yet to be revealed. Speculation points to Fallout 4Grand Theft Auto 5, or Red Dead Redemption 2 being the most obvious choices, but again, that mystery game has yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, other rumors suggest that Microsoft may be bolstering Xbox Game Pass in 2021 with new partnerships. One rumor suggests that the Ubisoft+ lineup of games will be added to Game Pass, though nothing official has been announced so far.

Hades is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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