The Pros and Cons of Battlefield 6 Taking Placing in World War 3

The Pros and Cons of Battlefield 6 Taking Placing in World War 3

After the release of the heavily divisive Battlefield 5, EA and DICE are relying on Battlefield 6 to reestablish the franchise as one of the best FPS options on the market. Fortunately, this seems to be going in the right, as recent leaks have suggested that Battlefield 6 has a modern setting — something that has been heavily requested by fans over the past few years. However, the leaks do not stop there, as more recent claims have stated that next Battlefield title will be taking on World War 3.

Making a fictional World War work will be no easy task, but Battlefield 6 could be an excellent game if the setting is handled correctly. Opening several opportunities due to its immense scale, the game could provide its players with some unforgettable content and a whole lot of it. At the same time, Battlefield 6’s World War 3 will likely follow some frustrating tropes seen with other versions of the third World War, making for a few cons to go with the many pros of this bold setting.

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A World War 3 setting would instantly give DICE the chance to deliver on its ambitious ideas for Battlefield 6, as the game could feature an array of weapons from around the world. Instantly giving DICE plenty of options for day one guns and post-launch additions, today’s most popular weaponry can be wielded by players. Beyond that, older gear would be viable as well, as a global conflict would involve less militarily advanced countries as well — justifying the use of some more outdated but equally fun to use guns and equipment. Vehicles, a crucial part of every Battlefield experience, would have no limitations either. Tanks, helicopters, and cars from around the world could be added, providing some more variety to the overall experience.

Further, the game’s maps could truly blow fans away. One map can be set in the Kremlin, with the Russian citadel being heavily damaged in one of the war’s central conflicts. An even more visually impressive locale to fight in could see Battlefield fans duking it out in Paris, with a fully destructible Eiffel Tower being a standout feature of the map — and a way to bring Battlefield 4’s Levolution back in a meaningful way. A map near Buckingham Palace or Big Ben could be wildly fun, while taking some inspiration from the White House level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s campaign could lead to an equally exciting map. As long as the locations are not purely focused on size and spectacle, maps based on potential World War 3 conflicts could heavily enhance the experience of Battlfield 6.

While the gameplay possibilities that can spawn from a World War 3-focused game is are a perfect fit for the Battlefield series, the story is likely to fall into a common trap that many modern-day shooters have stumbled into. Based on Battlefield 6’s World War 3 rumors, the game’s narrative and multiplayer teams will be NATO vs. Russia, a move that sees the latter once again positioned as the villains. Not only have many players grown tired of fighting Russia in every game, but Russian players have become even more frustrated about constantly being displayed as mindless villains.

With the review bombing of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare being a clear example as to why this trope should be avoided, fans learning that DICE is following a similar setup with Battlefield 6’s story is hardly something to be excited over. With War Stories likely to only focus on the side of the “good guys,” AKA NATO, Russians could be, once again, generalized as cruel monsters. Not only would seeing Russia as an enemy yet again be both boring and predictable, but only showing one side’s point of view would be equally uninspired.

If DICE wants to make the best use of Battlefield 6’s supposed setting, World War 3 should live up to its name. Every side of the conflict should be given their own motivations, with no obvious “good guy” or “bad guy” to follow. The game’s War Stories should show this, painting the United States as villainous in a Russian campaign while doing the same thing in NATO missions if this is indeed accurate.

Beyond this, the game should avoid being Russians vs. everyone else, as that story has been told time and time again in video games. Involving countries like China and North Korea, without getting too political, could help make the narrative stand out. While there is plenty of good to come from a World War 3 setting, and Battlefield’s gameplay can truly help it excel, DICE should avoid doing taking a by-the-books approach when it comes to the sides of the war.

Battlefield 6 in development for unspecified platforms.

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