10 Questions We Need Answered In The Next Dragon Age | Game Rant

10 Questions We Need Answered In The Next Dragon Age | Game Rant

The Dragon Age franchise is in a comfortable position at the moment. Inquisition was well received by critics and the way it handled the various world states that could occur based on the choices in both Origins and DA:2 made many hardcore fans delighted. But perhaps the greatest saving grace of Inquisition is how well it sets up the next game. A game that fans have known has been coming for quite a while now.

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Being left on a cliffhanger does not begin to do justice to what Inquisition pulled off for its final ending. That being said, if the series wants to reach astronomical success, answering these questions might be a good start:

10 Is Solas The Only Antagonist?

Dragon Age: Inquisition will live in infamy in the hearts of BioWare fans for the bombshell of an ending that the Trespasser DLC dropped on players. Solas, the knowledgeable, wise, and empathetic elf apostate of the player’s Inquisition, is in reality, Fen’Harel the Dread Wolf; the elven god of betrayal and rebellion. His plan to tear down the Veil of the Fade to restore the power and culture of the elves sets him up to be the main antagonistic force of the next game. While this is, in itself, a monumental plan that will have repercussions that affect the entire world, will Solas truly be the only “villain” of the next game’s story? Perhaps in all the confusion, the Qunari could finally begin a formal invasion of southern Thedas, or even worse, another Blight could commence in the midst of the chaos.

9 Who Is The Protagonist?

Based on the latest teaser trailer to come out during The Game Awards 2020, Varric narrates that, “It’s time for a new hero.” All but confirming that this next entry will follow the trend of the last three games: no repeated protagonist. The only constant about Dragon Age heroes is their banal origins. Within the world of Thedas, The Hero of Ferelden, Hawke, and The Inquisitor all begin with normal backgrounds that lead to stumbling into greatness. Given the track record, it is safe to believe that this will most likely be the case for the next player character as well. With hope, BioWare will once again implement character creation similar to that of Origins and Inquisition, where players are free to choose the race and gender of their characters, each with their own unique origin story.

8 Northern Thedas?

A setting within the Dragon Age universe that players have yet to see as much of is the nations of northern Thedas. Dragon Age 2 does take place in the Free Marches within the city of Kirkwall, but that in itself was only a drop of water in a vast ocean of opportunity.

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What about other great cities of the Free Marches? The dragon hunters and mausoleum cities of Nevarra? The mage-controlled nation of the Tevinter Imperium (possibly pictured above)? The maritime and matriarchal country of Rivain? The wealthy and merchant-ruled plutocracy of Antiva? Or the vile and desolate wasteland of the Anderfels, a blighted place, and birthplace of the order of the Grey Wardens. With Ferelden and Orlais being such mainstays in the series, and these other locations only being mentioned in passing, their addition as playspaces would be a welcome change for fans.

7 Dragon Age Keep?

One feature that made Inquisition such a popular contender in the series was the introduction of the Dragon Age Keep tool. For those unaware, it serves as the ultimate tool in crafting the ideal world-state for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Instead of loading saves from owning the two previous entries, prospective players now only need an EA account and they can go about building a save by going through every major decision of OriginsDragon Age 2, and their respective DLCs. Once that save is created, it is only a matter of logging in to the EA account on Inquisition and then starting a new game with the desired world-state selected. This system could prove to be invaluable for the next Dragon Age game and it would probably be quite shocking if BioWare chooses not to implement it again,

6 The Hero of Ferelden?

After Inquisition‘s cameo of Hawke from Dragon Age 2 in the campaign, many fans were understandably dejected by the fact that their Warden character from the first game failed to make a physical appearance themselves. Depending on the decisions made and if the Warden was still alive, the Hero of Ferelden is missing, possibly far to the west, looking for a way to cure the Calling in Grey Wardens.

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This is learned through a war table action players can take where they can establish contact with the previous protagonist. The Warden mentions that they wish they could help, but that they are too busy with their own mission. They do send aid in the form of some items though. If the next game can somehow have the Warden appear physically, along with Hawke and the Inquisitor again, then it would be a well-received instance of fan-service.

5 What Lies Beyond Thedas?

Speaking of faraway locales in the adventures of the Warden, another mystery of the world of Dragon Age is what lies beyond the realm of Thedas as a physical continent. Strange lands and places are spoken of beyond the Korcari Wilds of the south, the Amaranthine Ocean of the east, the islands of Par Vollen and Seheron of the North, and the Hunterhorn Mountains of the west. While it is true that all of Thedas should probably be experienced in the games before the setting starts taking any forays into extra-continental locations, the inclusion of just one or even just a better understanding of what is out there will have lore-hungry fans salivating for more.

4 What Really Happened to Flemeth/Mythal?

The character of Flemeth has been a powerful yet elusive figure throughout the series, being one of the few who has met all three main characters. Yet in the third act of Inquisition, players learn that she is not only the Witch of the Wilds and the adopted mother of Morrigan, but also the mortal vessel of the elven goddess, Mythal. In the epilogue of the base game, Flemeth is seen talking to Solas, addressing him as the Dread Wolf. Solas apologizes for everything that has happened to her and after taking her in an embrace, seemingly absorbs her. It is believed this is the power boost that Solas needs in order to reclaim his mantle as Fen’Harel later on in Trespasser, but what actually happened to Flemeth/Mythal? Was that truly the conclusion for such an enduring and beloved character?

3 Fate Of The Companions?

The creme de la creme for any BioWare game, the companions. Dragon Age has had a plethora of them across three games and their additional content. It is fair to remark that some companions do seem to feel more important than others, especially if said companions can be romanced or not.

Regardless though, if the next Dragon Age game is meant to be a conclusion for the series, then it would have a tall order to fill in making sure that each companion gets their proper send-off, on top of the idea that there will be a new cast of companions for this new player character as well. If it is not the last game though, fans are always happy to hear something. The more companions that can be mentioned, the better.

2 The End Of The Blights?

According to the lore, Blights are started when the Darkspawn find one of the Tevinter Old Gods in the Deep Roads and reawaken them. Blights are ended when said Old Gods, usually in the form of a draconic Archdemon, are killed by a Grey Warden. In Tevinter history, there were seven Old Gods that were worshipped, (with the possibility of a mysterious eighth one that was worshipped in secret), and there have only been five Blights. For those with excellent math skills, that means that there can only be two more (maybe three?) Blights that can happen! While this might be a great prospect for fans who like the idea of more games, who is to say that Solas will not reawaken the remaining Old Gods himself and create a Blight that has never been seen in the world of Thedas? All to distract from the main plan of tearing down the Veil. It would possibly mean the last Blight ever, but, would that matter if no one survives it?

1 What Befalls The Inquisitor?

By the end of Inquisition, the Inquisitor has defeated Corypheus and saved the world but loses a companion and an arm. No matter the player’s relationship with Solas, he spares the Inquisitor and saves their life from the Anchor in their hand. This is most likely out of respect for everything they have gone through and as thanks for stopping Corypheus when Solas could not. Based on the variety of epilogues that follow, the Inquisitor can traverse a number of routes ranging from fighting injustice with a prosthetic arm, to guarding the Divine, to retiring from the Inquisition and pursuing some other venture. But whatever the case, the Inquisitor is called back to discuss what to do about Solas and is last seen planning something with their council in Haven. Whatever happens in the next game, the Inquisitor will be involved and the payoff should be spectacular.

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