AEW Video Game Modes Confirmed, Popular Feature Will Be Missing

AEW Video Game Modes Confirmed, Popular Feature Will Be Missing

Promising to resurrect the style of gameplay associated with retro classics like WWF No Mercy, the official AEW Video Game is shaping up to be one of the most exciting wrestling games in years. Few are as eager to get their hands on the upcoming title as AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, who has been pushing to get the title made since before he joined the popular professional wrestling promotion.

Speaking with IGN Japan yesterday, Omega divulged a ton of new details about what players can expect from the title, the biggest of which being what modes will make an appearance. According to “The Cleaner,” the suite of standard popular wrestling video game modes will crop up in the AEW Video Game, including Create-A-Wrestler, multiplayer, and a dedicated campaign mode.

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He also revealed that the game will not have a general manager mode, claiming the feature will instead be saved for the mobile-focused AEW Elite GM slated to hit Android and iOS devices in the near future. That title was announced in November last year and will allow players to create their own shows, recruit iconic wrestlers, and battle it out for ratings. In the missing feature’s place, Omega claims that the game will have “various other unusual modes,” which seems to keep with the title’s focus on arcade-y fun rather than full-on simulation.

The interview also reveals that developers are planning to update the game alongside the show, with Omega saying, “The number of wrestlers in the AEW is growing all the time, and the roster of wrestlers in the game will reflect that.” One of the biggest complaints with the WWE 2K series is that their rosters are often out of date before the game has even released, with new superstars entering the company or wrestlers changing their attires and personas frequently. It seems AEW and Yuke’s could be considering ways to avoid that by adding roster updates.

Omega also commented on the AEW Video Game’s release date following his Q&A last week, reiterating: “I don’t want to rush it, so I don’t want to make a promise.” Aside from reveals, the interview comes with several fun tidbits, including how one of the AEW World Champion’s conditions for joining the company was getting to work on the game, and a discussion of what he hopes WWF No Mercy director Hideyuki Iwashita will bring to the project. He was also asked about whether he feels the AEW Video Game is in competition with the WWE 2K series, to which Omega said he does “not [want] to compete with WWE and that style of games.”

The AEW Video Game is currently in development for current and next-generation consoles.

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Source: IGN Japan

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