Dead Cells Reveals Fatal Falls DLC Gameplay | Game Rant

Dead Cells Reveals Fatal Falls DLC Gameplay | Game Rant

A new trailer for the upcoming DLC for Dead Cells has been released by developer Motion Twin showcasing some brand new locations and a new boss. Tasking players to navigate some new challenges, and attempt new perfect runs, the upcoming Dead Cells DLC promises to frustrate even the most experienced players.

The new DLC will feature some new locations added to the incredibly successful indie game including The Fractured Shrines, a series of floating islands occupied by a pagan cult. The Fractured Shrines house deadly traps and unsafe ledges that require players to take leaps of faith.

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The Undying Shores is littered with caves that house some strange experiments, including undead healers. Players will have to push through a sea dotted cliff side and anticipate some lethal attacks. The Mausoleum is home to a deadly new enemy called the Gardner, while they are delicate with flowers and mushrooms, players shouldn’t expect the same treatment, however.

Announced late last year, the new Dead Cells DLC is being developed to add challenges to the mid-game content and has been designed to expand the Dead Cells universe and freshen up the challenges players face in the game. The Fatal Falls DLC will add a variety of new runs for players who want to continue to support the development of the game.

Dead Cells has received several content drops since its release in 2017 ranging from smaller free updates to major paid DLC. This past winter, developer Motion Studio released a holiday-themed content update for Dead Cells that added a new weapon, a tough new mob, and a batch of new skins to the game.

Dead Cells is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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