Destiny 2: 10 Tips For Warlocks | Game Rant

Destiny 2: 10 Tips For Warlocks | Game Rant

Bungie became one of the world’s most respected developers because of the original Halo trilogy, but they will also go down as the developer who created the Destiny franchise. It is true that Destiny and Destiny 2 have both had major issues when it comes to balancing and content, but they are still among the most played FPS MMOs in the world, and the franchise has an extremely dedicated fanbase.

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Beyond Light is the series’ latest expansion, and it certainly has its fair share of plot holes, but it is still bringing in new players just like previous expansions. Players will get to play as a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock, all of whom have their own unique abilities and play styles. Warlocks are often viewed as the least impactful class, but they are actually quite powerful.

10 Grenades Are A Warlock’s Friend

Destiny 2 still has a lot to offer this year, but one thing that will never change is the usefulness of grenades. Warlocks get grenades just like the other classes, but unlike their Hunter and Titan counterparts, they are able to charge up their grenades to make them more effective.

As a Voidwalker, a charged up Vortex Grenade creates a larger, longer-lasting vortex that continuously damages enemies. A Stormcaller with the Getaway Artist Exotic can turn a grenade into an Arc Soul that shoots enemies, while a Dawnblade using the Attunement of Grace path can toss a charged up grenade onto an ally and give them an overshield.

9 Use Burst Glide

Warlocks definitely have the worst jumps in the game, and the reason for this is because they are technically gliding through the air and not jumping. However, this fact should not discourage Warlock players from jumping as Burst Glide is still an effective tool.

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Every subclass is capable of using Burst Glide, and it gives a Warlock a great deal of mobility and speed, which is extremely useful in PvE situations that require some sort of platforming. It is especially useful in raids which tend to feature jumping puzzles.

8 Get The Chromatic Fire Exotic

Exotic armor pieces have a lot of benefits, and when it comes to Warlocks, there are several Exotics that are very useful. Chromatic Fire is one of those Exotics, and the chest piece’s Crystalline Translator perk makes precision final blows more coveted.

Each Kinetic weapon precision final blow creates an elemental explosion, which differs depending on the subclass. This is very helpful in PvE, especially when dealing with shielded enemies. The chest piece also reduces flinching from incoming fire, which makes it easier to get headshots.

7 Bolt Grenade Placement

Several Crucible modes were shoved into the content vault in November, a move that has left PvP feeling a bit empty. However, Warlock players can still enjoy themselves as long as they use the right grenades at the right time.

Warlocks actually have some of the most effective grenades in the game, and Arcbolt, Firebolt, and Axion Bolt grenades are especially useful in PvP. When these grenades are used, they seek out nearby enemies and lock on to them. This makes these grenades perfect for offensive pushes, but they are also great to use against Guardians with low health.

6 Melee Abilities Are Very Helpful

Grenades are an important part of every Guardian’s arsenal, but melee abilities can be very effective too. Hunters might not make much sense but they have the best melees in the game, while Warlocks and Titans are somewhat equal.

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A Warlock Arc melee creates a chain of lightning that can hit multiple foes, while Solar melees can fire three explosive solar blasts or cause enemies to explode. A Void melee will drain energy from enemies, which will either heal a Warlock or reduce their grenade or Super cooldown. Also, the Stasis’ Penumbral Blast provides a ranged melee that freezes anything it hits.

5 Try The Shadebinder Grenadier Build

There are plenty of annoying details in Beyond Light, and the Stasis Subclasses are one of them. A Shadebinder Warlock can freeze enemies in ice and shatter them, and the Shadebinder Grenadier build is currently one of the game’s best.

This build requires a Grenade Launcher like Martyr’s Retribution or Deafening Whisper, but it also needs the Iceflare Bolts and Frostpulse Aspects, as well as the Whisper of Hedrons, Refractions, Durance, and Bonds Fragments. The Warlock will also need the Verity’s Brow Exotic, The Firepower Combat Mod, and Duskfield grenades. This will create a never-ending flurry of damage and crowd control.

4 Get The Necrotic Grip Exotic

Necrotic Grip is one of the new Exotic armor pieces introduced in Beyond Light, and for the time being, there is only one way to get it. These gauntlets come with the Grasp of the Devourer perk, which corrupts enemies who are damaged by a melee attack.

If the corrupted enemy is defeated, the corruption spreads to nearby foes, much like poison. This Exotic is great for clearing Thralls or other clumped enemies, and these gauntlets are even more effective if they are partnered with Thorn, the Exotic Hand Cannon that deals damage over time.

3 Certain Warlock Supers Are Very Useful

Every single Super is useful in both PvP and PvE, but there are certain ones that are far more effective than others. Stormcaller Warlocks can use their Supers to clear an entire room of ads or wipe an entire 6-man team in the Crucible.

A Voidwalker Nova Bomb can do massive damage to PvE bosses, and it will track enemies in PvP; if timed properly, it can negate other Guardians’ Supers. Well of Radiance provides the entire team with a health and damage boost, and the Shadebinder Super can also negate enemy Supers or provide a lot of crowd control in other situations.

2 Blink Is Extremely Useful In PvP

Blink is a unique jump that only Voidwalker Warlocks can use, and like Burst Glide, it offers a lot of mobility. What makes Blink so special is the fact that this jump allows a player to teleport backward or forward.

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This sounds like a great ability, and it is, but it’s not that useful in PvE because of its cooldown and relatively short distance. It is far more effective in PvP though, as it allows a Warlock to confuse enemy Guardians who are aiming at them. It also gives Warlocks a chance to dodge grenades and certain Supers.

1 Don’t Be Afraid To Use Rifts

The Warlock Class Ability allows them to place a rift on the ground, and for some reason, a lot of Warlock players refrain from using it. These rifts can offer a damage buff to everyone standing in it, which is useful against bosses, but there’s another rift that heals anyone inside of it. This can save a Warlock and a Fireteam member from certain death in PvE and PvP.

Rifts aren’t used a lot because Warlocks tend to be killed while casting them. However, Bungie recently gave Warlocks extra resistance while casting them, and the Stasis Subclass allows rifts to freeze nearby enemies with the Frostpulse Aspect.

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