Facebook Mistakenly Bans Fallout 76 Group Yet Again | Game Rant

Facebook Mistakenly Bans Fallout 76 Group Yet Again | Game Rant

After an undeniably awful launch and frequent controversies and issues, it seems like Bethesda’s online RPG Fallout 76 has evolved into a game that’s actually worth playing nowadays. However, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to more problems, though the latest one isn’t to do with Bethesda or even the game itself, but Facebook.

A Facebook group of Fallout 76 players called the Free States Militia (named after the in-game faction of the same name) recently discovered that said group had been suspended from the social media site, with no explanation given as to why. All they have been told is that they can’t comment until February 7th and the suspension is because previous posts didn’t follow the Community Standards.

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The group leader, known as Non-Serviam79, spoke with Polygon about the suspension and claims that none of the group’s members posted anything that would violate Facebook’s policies.

“The Facebook page is 100% Fallout related. I’d say 90% of the page is lore. We write our stories in line with 76’s Free States Militia faction. 5% is group events, and 5% are in-game photos. [We write] about our individual characters and their adventures in the wasteland.”

They have been unable to get in contact with an actual person at Facebook to gain a better understanding of the suspension. As it stands, the members suspect that the decision may have come about because of the recent attack on the US Capitol. The attack has resulted in a number of sweeping changes across social media, such as Twitch removing its PogChamp emote after the face of image made comments in support of the attackers.

This also isn’t the first time the group has had problems with Facebook. In October, Facebook shut it down as part of a bid to crack down on militia groups that were using the platform to promote violence and hate speech. Since the Free States Militia group has the word “militia” in the name, that likely led to the algorithm picking it up and assuming the worst. It’s likely that the same thing has happened in this instance as well.

Following this second termination, it appears the group has decided to leave Facebook entirely and set itself up on Discord instead. Unfortunately for the group, Discord lacks networking and promotional features which role-play groups like the Free States Militia rely on.

Not only that, but the group was in the middle of a give-away with other role-play groups and it has had to fall back on its Twitter account to promote it, which currently only has 490 followers. Facebook, by comparison, allowed the group to reach thousands of people.

While the suspension is a blow to the group, Fallout 76 is at least getting further improvements. Bethesda has confirmed that a Quality of Life update is scheduled for later this month and will include increased stash limits and new tabs in the Pip-Boy menu.

As for Bethesda, only yesterday it released a teaser trailer for a new Indiana Jones game. MachineGames, which has worked on the Wolfenstein games, and LucasfilmGames will both be involved with the project as well.

Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Polygon

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