Fall Guys is Giving Fans Free Crowns | Game Rant

Fall Guys is Giving Fans Free Crowns | Game Rant

The 2020 hit indie game Fall Guys continues to keep players falling and stumbling into 2021 as Season 3 is currently active. While games feature 60 players battling it out through various minigames, the end goal for all players remains the same. Crowns are awarded to the last bean person standing and can be used to unlock all sorts of cosmetic items including the various crossover skins that appear from time to time inside the shop.

While there are some players that have been able to rack up an impressive number of crowns over the months since Fall Guys launched, some players may have trouble securing enough to purchase some of the better in-game shop items before they cycle out. Developer Mediatonic has attempted to ease this burden by including more unlockable crowns by achieving certain levels within each season’s battle pass, but now fans have a surefire way to easily obtain 5 crowns absolutely free.

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For fans who want some easy crowns, the official Fall Guys Twitter account posted a short survey that players can take. The survey promises to take 15 minutes or less and generally asks questions regarding season 3 content and what players think of it. Players will need to grab their Support ID value from the Profile settings in the game, which then links the crowns to the players account. it’s worth noting that the crowns are not automatically provided, and will be gifted to player accounts in a rolling pattern over the course of a week.

The free crowns come at a great time as Mediatonic just revealed the game’s latest crossover event with id Software’s DOOM. Two of the skins turn the player’s bean person into the nightmarish enemies Cacodemon and Cyberdemon. A Doomslayer skin rounds out the trio and will be available inside the shop starting on January 12. These will only be available for a limited time so players will likely want to stock up on Crowns if they want the whole collection.

Fall Guys is available now on PC and PS4.

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