Genshin Impact: Diamond in the Rough Quest Guide | Game Rant

Genshin Impact: Diamond in the Rough Quest Guide | Game Rant

In Genshin Impact‘s “Diamond in the Rough” commission, players are tasked with selecting one of three crude stones that may contain a valuable jade inside it. Initially, this may appear to be a simple game of chance but there are several tricks that Genshin Impact players can implement to help improve their odds at attaining a jackpot.

To start the daily commission players must travel to Liyue Harbor and talk to Shitou, who is located just north of the teleport waypoint. After interacting with Shitou he will explain that the price of raw materials has risen significantly because the Ministry of Civil Affairs decided to shut down the Chasm. To capitalize on this closure, Shitou decided to sell uncut rocks, which may contain valuable jades inside.

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When betting on the rocks, players get three price options of 200, 400, and 600 Mora. The reward will scale depending on the option the player selects. As a result, it is recommended to opt for the 600 Mora option.

Before making a selection it is important to choose the option to “take a closer look.” This allows the player to move around the rocks and inspect them before guessing which one contains the jade.

When inspecting the rocks, there are three methods that players can utilize to help discern if a stone has a jade inside. The first method involves simply inspecting the color of the stones. If the yellow of the Cor Lapis is lighter than the other two stones, this is typically a good indicator that the stone has a jade inside.

The second method players can utilize is by walking towards the table from a distance and seeing which stone spawns first. The stone that spawns first is more likely to have a jade inside. Lastly, players can position their camera so that it clips into the stone. If a completed spiral pattern is visible inside the stone it may be a jackpot.

It is important to note there is never any guarantee that a winning stone will be present on a bet. As a result, trying to unlock the “Beginners Luck” achievement, which is awarded for selecting a jackpot stone on the player’s first attempt, is completely up to chance. If players are unsuccessful in selecting a jackpot on their first attempt, simply try again after receiving the commission on a different day.

In addition to the daily commission rewards, if players select the correct stone they are rewarded with Mora and either a Cor Lapis or a Noctilucous Jade, which are useful character ascension materials for Chongyum, Keqing, Zhongli, and Beidou.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.

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