Greedfall: Drum Puzzle Guide | Game Rant

Greedfall: Drum Puzzle Guide | Game Rant

When it first launched in 2019, the open-world RPG that is Greedfall didn’t get much attention. It was launched next to some pretty heavy-hitting titles back then, but now that it’s one of the free PlayStation Plus titles for January, tons of players now have the opportunity to try it out with their subscription. Greedfall comes to the service with the action-RPG Maneater and Crystal Dynamic’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

While it is an RPG, Greedfall has some quests that seem to be puzzling new players, specifically one called ‘Face to Face With the Demon.’ Luckily, this guide will help the players who can’t seem to figure this out.

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The one part of this quest that’s causing trouble for Greedfall players, is a section that requires the character to hit three drums in a certain pattern and then using a potion on a plant. The correct order for the drums is: right, left, and then middle. Which would be the firefly, the frog, and then the snake.

After hitting the drums, players need to do a complete 180-degree turn to find a plant in the water that needs a potion. To find this potion, players will want to head left of the drum area. Players will notice a big log that’ll need to be jumped over. And then a second one will pop up as well. Players will then reach an area with a firefly on the wall, and then a dead body laying on the ground with a key.

If players don’t have level 2 lockpicking in Greedfall, then they’ll need to take the key off the body. Head a little bit west and players will find a chest near a tent in the woods. The key will open that chest and a potion vial will be inside of it.

Players can now head back to the plant altar near the drums after having the potion in their inventory and then interact with it. A monster will then pop out of nowhere and players will need to defeat it to continue with the Greedfall quest. It shouldn’t be too difficult to fight, but having poison resistance can help those having some issues.

Greedfall is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game are currently in development and will include improved graphics and some brand-new content.

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