GTA Online: How to Sell a Garage | Game Rant

GTA Online: How to Sell a Garage | Game Rant

In Grand Theft Auto Online players have ample opportunity to steal cars and store them. Still, the game has to limit how many cars a player can have and offer solutions to storing even more automobiles. With Grand Theft Auto Online offering new cars in almost every update, players need to ensure that they have the best garage possible to store their new purchase.

While Grand Theft Auto Online offers a wide variety of garage options, occasionally players will purchase a cheap garage for a short term solution. There is a limit to how many garages a player can own, but with larger storage capacities at better locations, players can easily upgrade. Still, there is a resounding question as to how a player sells property once it has been purchased in the game.

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Grand Theft Auto Online garages offer a place to store cars, bikes, and other vehicles. There are garages available for purchase across Los Santos for varying degrees of money. The game limits player ownership to six “standard” properties meaning that each player can only own so many apartments and garages at a time. Still, with offices, clubhouses and other alternative business players can expand their storage capacity further than the six property limit.

At the moment, Grand Theft Auto Online offers no direct way of selling a property. Garages and similar locations can be swapped out when a new location has been bought. If the new location costs more than the one being replaced, players will receive a refund into their account as if they had sold the old site. Meanwhile, if the location costs less, players will be expected to pay the difference between locations.

This essentially offers a way to trade garages in and out for bigger spaces. While it is not as easy and straightforward as selling a car, many players find that swapping property is a better option than selling and buying them individually. Do note that only apartments and garages can be traded, no business can be sold within Grand Theft Auto Online.

One notable exception that players should be aware of is the content provided through the Grand Theft Auto Criminal Enterprise pack. All purchased content when sold will be seen with a value of $0. Upgrades and additional costs will not be valued as a difference in price, and instead, all trades will appear at full value.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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