Horror Game Mundaun Gets March Release Date | Game Rant

Horror Game Mundaun Gets March Release Date | Game Rant

A horror tale set in a sequestered valley in the Alps, developer Hidden Field’s Mundaun has been in development since 2017. Inspired by tales and folklore from a variety of regions, the game’s haunting setting along with Mundaun’s unique pencil-drawn art style immediately drew attention.

The company’s first full-length title, Mundaun started out as creator and game designer Michel Ziegler’s passion project years before development began. The Alps are a setting that Ziegler finds particularly evocative and even unsettling. Taking advantage of distinctive location, Mundaun focuses more on evoking feelings of oppression and dread, rather than relying on jump scares or other typical horror game tropes.

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Gamers on the lookout for a unique horror adventure experience will not have to wait much longer, as a recent press release has revealed that Mundaun will launch on PC, as well as previous and current-gen consoles, on March 16, 2021. Players who purchase the game for PS4 or Xbox One will receive a free upgrade upon buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X console.

“It’s exciting to finally have a release date and share the experience of Mundaun with the passionate community that has been following the game over the past several years,” stated Ziegler. “The Alps hold a special importance to me and everything from the game’s story to the hand-penciled characters and environments celebrate the remarkable culture of the Swiss region of Grisons.”

In celebration of Mundaun’s upcoming launch, Hidden Fields, in collaboration with publisher MWM Interactive, will be releasing a series of short biweekly behind-the-scenes videos that showcase Ziegler’s creative process, as well as some of the folklore and real-life inspirations for the game. The first episode has already been released on YouTube. Additionally, Discord users can join the Mundaun server for a Q&A session with Ziegler on January 13, beginning at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET.

Hidden Fields was founded as a one-man development studio by Ziegler, a Swiss programmer and illustrator, who took thousands of photos of various locations in the Alps over the course of developing Mundaun. Three other artists have joined Ziegler to help with the development of the game: Eric Lorenz, a sound designer; Michel Barengo, a composer; and Gabrielle Alioth, the game’s story co-author.

The game places players in the shoes of a man who must return to Mundaun, a real location in the Swiss Alps, after learning of his grandfather’s mysterious death in a fire. Upon his arrival, he soon realizes that something malevolent is haunting the small town’s remaining inhabitants. Players will explore numerous locations on Mundaun mountain, ranging from secluded meadows to snow-covered peaks in order to uncover secrets, solve handcrafted puzzles, and survive life-threatening encounters on their quest to find the reason behind these diabolical events.

Mundaun will launch on March 16, 2021, on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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