House of Cards Creator Working on ‘Risk’ TV Show | Game Rant

House of Cards Creator Working on ‘Risk’ TV Show | Game Rant

Entertainment One, a studio owned by Hasbro, is looking to take advantage of its parent company’s IP for future projects. Hasbro owns a huge range of famous toy properties, including TransformersMy Little PonyMonopolyG.I. Joe, and many more. This most recent project is a less obvious choice, however, pulling from the company’s board game collection to make a Risk TV show.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Entertainment One is looking to produce a TV series based on the board game. It’s an interesting choice for a project to be sure: a board game where the player’s objective is to dominate their opponents in a military strategy. The board game itself typically features a map of the world where players can put their pieces, representing various military units. Then they must maneuver and try to defeat the other players either in direct combat or by capturing specific objectives.

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There have also been various spin-offs and re-works of the original game since it first came out, giving the board and rules different themes and settings. That said, Risk itself doesn’t really have a story beyond whatever the players imagine for themselves. The only true constant is some form of military conflict taking place over a large map, so it will be interesting to see what direction the studio takes it in.

Serving as a hint may be the fact that Beau Willimon has signed a first-look deal with Hasbro to work on the project. Willimon is best known for his work as the creator of House of Cards, a political drama that aired on Netflix. Perhaps the series will pull inspiration from House of Cards, focusing on the military strategy and bureaucracy of war, rather than the traditional boots on the ground perspective.

That’s all speculation though, and the studio has yet to confirm any specific details about the project beyond those involved. Both Entertainment One and Willimon have made statements expressing their excitement to begin work on the project, and to work on a property as established as Risk. In the meantime, there will likely be quite a wait until any new announcements are made regarding this particular project.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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