Maneater: Everything You Need To Know About The Shadow Set

Maneater: Everything You Need To Know About The Shadow Set

The draw of Maneater may be in the bloody carnage that can be wrought upon humanity, but the combat in this shark-RPG wouldn’t be half as fun without the addition of mutations and evolution sets. One of the more interesting of the three main evolution sets in the game is the Shadow evolution set, which turns the bull shark into a pitch-black machine of death while equipped.

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Focusing on speed more than power, the Shadow evolution set turns the titular man-eater into a vampiric force of nature, capable of not only absorbing health through its bite attacks and summoning clouds of poisonous gas but is also the only set that allows the bull shark to use a projectile attack.

10 The Set Bonus

While each piece of the Shadow set has its own perks, if the entire set is equipped at once, the bull shark will have her max speed increased by 10%. This might seem like a small number, but it makes a noticeable difference when compared to the swimming speed while wearing the Bio-Electric or Bone evolution set and goes a long way in helping to take down certain Apex Predators around the water.

9 How To Obtain The Shadow Teeth

The Shadow Teeth can be obtained by finding all 10 Landmarks in Dead Horse Lake and is the first available piece of the Shadow set that is obtainable. Finding each landmark can be a little tricky, however, as the layout of this area isn’t the easiest to navigate while in the Teen stage of development, so it may be best to return to unlock this piece once the shark has reached the Adult form. While equipped, the Shadow Teeth will heal the bull shark with each bite and can be very useful to leave equipped while getting a handle on the harder aspects of combat.

8 How To Obtain The Shadow Head

Like all of the Shadow evolution set pieces, the Shadow Head can be obtained after finding all 8 Landmarks in Caviar Key and is the last piece that is expected to be collected if they are taken in the order that new areas unlock.

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While equipped, the Shadow Head will increase the speed of the lunge attack while also increasing the damage dealt by thrashing. When combined with the Shadow Teeth, this can make for a deadly combination when attacking larger enemies from the side, where they are usually vulnerable to thrash damage.

7 How To Obtain The Shadow Body

The largest, and arguably coolest looking, piece of the Shadow evolution set can be unlocked by finding all 8 Landmarks in Sapphire Bay and will probably be the second-to-last piece that will be obtained in the game, though it is also one of the more useful to keep equipped for Apex Predators. While equipped, it grants the bull shark access to the Shadow Form ability, which slows down time and releases a cloud of poison when activated. While this isn’t particularly useful against most shark hunters, it is very useful against any aquatic enemies.

6 How To Obtain The Shadow Fins

Found in the Golden Shores, the Shadow Fins can be unlocked by finding all 8 Landmarks in the area and is a good substitute for the Shadow Body before it is obtained. While equipped, the Shadow Fins will release a smaller poison cloud that inflicts and negative effect and deal poison damage on enemies caught inside the cloud. When combined with the Shadow Head and Teeth pieces, these three are capable of dealing quite a large chunk of damage, even to high-level Apex Predators.

5 How To Obtain The Shadow Tail

The final piece of the Shadow evolution set, as well as the most unique piece, can be unlocked by finding all 10 Landmarks in Prosperity Sands and is one of the easiest pieces to unlock. While equipped, the Shadow Tail increases the bull shark’s speed, on top of its inherent speed boost, as well as allowing her to fire poisonous projectiles when executing a Tailwhip. This makes it one of the best ways to engage with a tough enemy, as you can poison them from a distance before closing in for the kill while they are vunerable.

4 Upgrading

Each piece of the Shadow evolution set can be upgraded with a set amount of Protein and Mutagen, increasing in value until the fifth stage, while all cost 44000 Protein and 525 Mutagen in total. Considering the high cost of these upgrades, the bull shark should take advantage of other Organ Evolutions to make up for these costs.

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The Protein Digestion Organ evolution can be obtained at the very beginning of the game by finding all 10 Landmarks in Fawtick Bayou and can be upgraded with Mineral to increase both the Protein obtained from predators and the bull shark’s health by 30% while equipped.

3 Paired Organ Evolutions

When the full Shadow evolution set is equipped, the bull shark has a very high amount of health and is incredibly fast, though she will deal considerably less damage with her standard attacks than if she equipped the Bio-Electric or Bone set instead. With this in mind, it can be useful to also equip her with the Brutal Muscles Organ evolution, which increases the damage dealt by Tailwhip attacks by 30% while also giving her even more speed. The Shadow set also lacks much defensive strength, so the Reinforced Cartilage evolution can also be useful. The Brutal Muscles evolution can be obtained after defeating Captain Robert Brunlett, while the Reinforced Cartilage can be obtained by finding all Landmarks in The Gulf.

2 When To Use It

The Shadow set is fairly useless against shark hunters, as they remain protected from all poison effects while they are safe on their boats. However, the Shadow set is very good to use if the Apex Predators are proving to be too difficult to defeat, particularly the more agile enemies such as the Orca and other sharks. With the increased speed and chip damage inflicted by the poison gas and Tailwhip projectile, it can make fights much easier by simply evading the enemy while keeping their poisoned status inflicted.

1 Its Design Influence

While the Bone and Bio-Electric evolution sets are influenced by other marine animals, the Shadow set is a little different and seems to be focused on vampiric powers more than anything seen in nature, as the Shadow Teeth seem to imply this in particular, thought he segmented plates on its body and fins make it look more like an insect or crustacean than any sort of fish.

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