Persona 5 Royal: 5 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Jack Frost (& 5 Better Personas You Can Use It To Fuse)

Persona 5 Royal: 5 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Jack Frost (& 5 Better Personas You Can Use It To Fuse)

Jack Frost is a spirit of winter from English mythology, often credited for the icy crust that forms at the windows of houses during the coldest of seasons. He is also the corporate mascot of Atlus, the game developer company responsible for creating the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona games.

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In the newest title of the incredible JRPG seriesPersona 5 Royal, players can team up with this chilly and macabre fellow if they are in need of Ice attacks at low SP cost. He’s got a couple of light damage-dealing Ice attacks, though his best quality is that his trait, Frigid Bloodline, allows one to take advantage of all his Ice skills for 50% less SP; which is very handy for some of the longer, tougher dungeons. One can recruit him in a random encounter, although a more reliable way of finding an optimized Jack Frost is to fuse him by combining different personas. Thanks to the intricate crafting in Persona 5, Joker can even fuse more powerful personas by using Jack Frost as a component alongside another.

10 Succubus & Kelpie (Recipe) – $8,227

At the lower tiers of fusing in this game, there is no real consistency with the lore. Things just get tossed together based on their stats and in-game attributes…most of the time. With the huge variety of personas, it’s inevitable that some chaotic variance occurs. Succubus is a female demon from European folklore who is said to visit men when they sleep and have intercourse with them. She specializes in putting foes to sleep, though also is one of the earliest ways to access the Mudo skill, which has a low chance to instantly kill a single adversary.

Kelpie is a fairy or spirit from Celtic mythology that drowns those who try to ride it like a steed. However, if tamed, it can be a great ally. Accordingly, they can inflict fear upon a foe, though they actually are better used for Physical damage, because their skillset and trait all pertain to essentially punching one’s enemies in the face with an ethereal hoof.

9 Andras (Result) – $9,307

By combining Jack Frost with Pixie from The Lovers Arcana results in the mighty demon Andras. He is a master at plaguing one’s targets with fear, a status change that makes it more likely for enemies to flee, or succumb to Joker’s demands if he uses Hold Up.

In addition to unleashing a miasma of terror among enemy ranks, his Ghastly Wail skill is a sinister attack that will instantly kill all foes afflicted by fear. At any level of the game, this is an effective and devastating strategy for taking out a wide assortment of threats.

8 Angel & Bicorn (Recipe) – $8,551

Angels are religious figures that appear in a great number of faiths around the globe. They are often seen as friends to mankind who watch over and sometimes protect humans. There are different choirs of angels in some mythologies, others with entire hierarchies. As one would expect, Angel has some good early-game healing skills as well as a Bless-type attack.

From European mythology, like Jack Frost, Bicorn is a creature that represents the opposite of what unicorns stand for. They are impure beasts of wanton nature. They are a force of aggression as well, with skills and a trait pertaining to Physical damage.

7 Ame No Uzume (Result) – $9,883

There are some times when personas can be fused with the same kind of being that was used to fused them. Jack Frost can merge with Bicorn to create Ame no Uzume, a goddess from Japanese mythology. She is the deity of the dawn and of revelry in the Shinto religion.

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She has two main things that make her a decent persona for an offense. Firstly, she has a trait that reduces the cost of Electric attacks, which she has a sufficient aptitude for. Secondly, her skill Divine Grace makes her healing abilities 50% more effective.

6 Kodama & Arsene (Recipe) – $9,100

Mixing traditional lore with that of more contemporary sources is something that Persona 5 Royal does somewhat often due to its entropic nature. Kodama are spirits from Japanese mythology that live within trees. Despite not being very intimidating, they have more skills dedicated to inflicting fear than anything else.

The winged persona is Joker’s first, and therefore one all players should be familiar with. If they desire Jack Frost on their side, using Arsene as a component would not be out of the question. Especially since this persona’s current form becomes less useful the further one gets in the game because their light attacking skills for Gun, Physical, and Curse damage pale when compared to others later on.

5 High Pixie (Result) – $10,675

Players can summon this powerful fairy from English mythology by fusing Jack Frost with Kelpie. For once, a somewhat appropriate fusion in regards to the original lore due to all of these being from northern European origin.

These leaders of their kin can use light wind skills to assail both singular and multiple foes. Their relatively high Magic stat allows them to be proficient in their elemental damage.

4 Berith & Silky (Recipe) – $9,343

Here we see a demon and an ethereal fairy fuse to form Jack Frost. Berith is a being from the underworld that is written about in The Lesser Key of Solomon, a demonology text from a few hundred years ago. He is very violent and this is quite a nice aspect to have in a persona. It is represented in this demon riding upon a horse being one of the earliest personas that can learn medium-damaging skills Physical skills.

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Silky is a spirit that hails from Scottish mythology and is known to appear as a woman wearing rustling silk. She is said to terrify lazy servants who slack off. Oddly, she has no fear-related skills. Though she does have one that inflicts sleep and a few from various elements that make her a versatile early-game persona.

3 Matador (Result) – $12,268

This bull killer who persisted into the afterlife can be created by fusing Jack Frost with Berith. This persona has a wide range of skills that include Psychic, Gun, and Physical damage for a well-rounded set.

Their most useful quality, however, is their skill, Potent Hypnosis, which increases the effectiveness of their buffs. This makes their support skill, Sukukaja, which raises an ally’s Agility, last longer for a more nimble team.

2 Apsaras & Mandrake (Recipe) – $9,568

This is probably the most appropriate fusion for Jack Frost in the game, as it combines a water spirit with one from European folklore. Apsaras are dancing blue maidens who entertain the gods and fallen heroes in Buddist mythology. In addition to appropriately having Ice attacks, she can use buffs to cover her own, or an ally’s, weakness to Fire.

Mandrake is a type of plant from European mythology that grows from the graves of dead people guilty of crimes. If pulled from the soil, they will let out a piercing shriek that can kill any closely. They specialize in confusing enemies with their Pulinpa skill that has high effectiveness for inflicting this status ailment.

1 Yaksini (Result) – $12,268

One can fuse this interesting character from Jack Frost and Hua Po. There is some debate as to where Yaksini originated, but she has roots in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology, along with a few others. In the lore that says the most about her, Hindu mythology, she is the servant of Kubera, the god of wealth. She guards his treasure hoard in caves deep underground.

In addition to having multiple medium-damaging Physical attacks, she can counter such moves effectively as well. She has the Wage War skill, which inflicts rage at a moderate chance to all enemies. This raises their Attack but lowers many of their other stats, including Accuracy. Combine this with her passive skill that grants her a 10% chance to reflect any incoming Physical attacks for a strategy one’s foes will never expect.

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