Pokemon Fan Reveals Impressive Jessie Cosplay | Game Rant

Pokemon Fan Reveals Impressive Jessie Cosplay | Game Rant

Fans of Pokemon have already been enjoying some great new content in 2021. Whether someone prefers collectible merchandise, Pokemon video games, or real-world exploring, the monster-capturing franchise seems to have something in store for nearly anyone drawn to its adorable mascots and characters.

While many gamers and fans take a liking to Pokemon favorites like Pikachu, Lucario, and Jigglypuff, numbers of people are also known to rally behind the game’s antagonists, Team Rocket. Generally represented by its President, Giovanni, Team Rocket is Pokemon‘s “evil corp” – Team Rocket is always out to steal and/or exploit their world’s unique monsters.

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Aside from the head honcho Giovanni, the series relies on several recurring Team Rocket characters, the most famous of whom are Jessie, James, and Meowth. Jessie and company are notorious for being both generally incompetent when it comes to villainy. The two wear matching black and white Team Rocket uniforms, and recite a special poem upon every entrance they make, two facts which have also made them wildly popular cosplay choices.

Recently, one particular cosplay team, Kinpatsu Cosplay, has revealed that their latest creation happens to be an homage to this famous Team Rocket trio. The new “look” is a complete “Jessie” outfit. From her quintessential enormous magenta hairdo, to her sleek uniform-grade gloves and boots, Kinpatsu Cosplay’s Jessie design fully captures the character’s stylish flavor of (minor) wickedness. As highlighted in the video below, Jessie’s signature hairstyle unsurprisingly requires large amount of product to maintain, but this group has managed to achieve the design wonderfully.

Not to mention, Kinpatsu Cosplay has made excellent use of its model’s existing features. Whereas some cosplay groups might try to cover up tattoos on their models, to mirror characters more precisely, this cosplay simply uses the model’s tattoo to its advantage. The hint of an elegant rose tattoo is absolutely in line with this character’s established personality and style, so it wouldn’t be out of the question to imagine that a real-world Jessie might bear a similar design. Instead of covering it up and risking drawing attention to a make-up coverup, Kinpatsu Cosplay has incorporated it into their work.

Generally speaking, cosplay is one of anime fandoms most beloved components. Some of the gaming community’s most inspired fan contributions have been incredible cosplay feats, with fans regularly showcasing their creations on social media sites like Reddit and Instagram.

This also highlights another notable point about the above group’s Jessie look: Kinpatsu Cosplay has actually openly shared its designs and patterns on their official sites. This willingness to enable other fans to celebrate Pokemon together, rather than only profit off of its designs, demonstrates that Kinpatsu Cosplay is here for the love of its craft. Moreover, now that this version of Jessie is out in the world, can fans expect another clever cosplayer to build on the design even further and take up James’ mantle?

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