Pokemon GO: How to Get Frillish (And Evolve Into Jellicent)

Pokemon GO: How to Get Frillish (And Evolve Into Jellicent)

While some Pokemon from the Kalos region have been recently rolled out in Pokemon GO, there have been some stragglers from earlier generations. One of these stragglers is Frillish, a dual water and ghost-type Pokemon from the Unova region.

Something special that some Pokemon GO players may notice is that Frillish has two different forms outside of its still unreleased shiny form. This is because Frillish is one of the few Pokemon out there with very obvious sexual dimorphism, meaning that male Frillish appear different from female Frillish. The pale pink Frillish are the females while the soft blue Frillish are the males.

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While these Pokemon are newly released, catching them may not be as easy as searching for them in the wild. In fact, players will need to work on their PVP placement in Pokemon GO‘s Battle League in order to encounter these mysterious Pokemon.

In order to get a guaranteed encounter with Frillish, players will need to hit Rank 20 in the GO Battle League. Upon reaching this rank, players will have an encounter with this Pokemon as a reward. More encounters can also occur on the reward track for higher GO Battle League ranks. This means that players will need to battle as much as possible in order to get this Pokemon for their collection.

Frillish evolves into Jellicent by giving it 50 Frillish candies. Both female and male Frillish use and produce the same candy, so players don’t need to worry about catching certain genders. Jellicent is also a dual water and ghost-type Pokemon and shares the same gender differences as its pre-evolved form. Because of their typings, both Pokemon are weak to grass, dark, ghost, and electric-type moves. These Pokemon also resist ice, fire, water, steel, bug, poison, fighting, and normal-type moves.

Functionally, male Frillish and Jellicent and female Frillish and Jellicent are the same. The only thing affected by this Pokemon species’ gender differences are their appearances before and after they evolve.

Once players have their Frillish evolved into Jellicent, they may want to change around their Pokemon’s moves. The best moveset for Jellicent has it knowing Hex for its fast move and Shadow Ball for its charge move. Both of these moves are ghost-type moves, making it effective against psychic and other ghost-types. While neither of these Pokemon are exactly remarkable within Pokemon GO‘s PVP battles, their unique appearances and typing may appeal to some Pokemon collectors out there.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

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