Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Hippopotas | Game Rant

Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Hippopotas | Game Rant

The currently active Sinnoh Celebration Event in Pokemon GO has increased the spawn rates of certain Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region. One of these Pokemon that players will be seeing more often for a limited amount of time is Hippopotas.

Hippopotas is a pure Ground-type Pokemon that can evolve into Hippowdon. Thanks to the temporary increased spawn rates for this Pokemon in Pokemon GO, players looking for Hippopotas’ shiny form should have much better luck finding it.

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While there is no way to guarantee finding a shiny Pokemon, as shiny encounters are unique to individual players, there are ways to go about hunting that may make the odds better. The general odds for finding a shiny Pokemon are around one in 450 encounters, not including community days and spotlight hours.

When searching for a shiny Hippopotas, players will need to be aware of the Pokemon gender differences between a male Hippopotas and a female Hippopotas. While the tan-colored male form is what commonly comes to mind when thinking of this Pokemon, the female form is distinct with a color palette that some may mistake for being Hippopotas’s shiny form.

A female Hippopotas will have much lighter skin around its eyes and darker brown skin around its nose and mouth. The differences between genders could be considered directly swapping both the dark and lighter parts of their skin.

Players will be able to tell if they are seeing a shiny Hippopotas by looking for a greenish tint that can be seen on both genders’ forms. It isn’t an overt green like Espeon’s shiny form, but it is noticeable if players are looking for it.

In order to increase the odds of finding a shiny Hippopotas, players will need to do whatever it takes to increase the spawn rates around them. This means players should use whatever incense they have and potentially activate a lure on a nearby PokeStop. Players should only use normal lures on PokeStops instead of a magnetic, glacial, or mossy lure. Thanks to the current increased spawn rates of certain Sinnoh Pokemon, players should be able to go on the catching spree necessary to hunt for Hippopotas.

In order to evolve Hippopotas into Hippowdon, players will need to use 50 Hippopotas candies. The best moveset that Hippowdon can have has it knowing Fire Fang for its fast move and Earth Power for its charge move.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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