PS5 Pre-Orders in India Are Already Sold Out | Game Rant

PS5 Pre-Orders in India Are Already Sold Out | Game Rant

While the PS5 has already been commercially available in the US, Europe, and other parts of the world, the next-gen console is only now getting ready to release in the country of India. Given the already high demand for the PS5, once the console was made available for pre-order in India, the outcome of it quickly selling out was unsurprising.

A little less than a month before the PS5 launched last year, pre-orders had sold out. It got bad enough that scalpers were selling PS5 pre-orders for huge amounts on eBay. After the console launched, it became next to impossible for people to get their hands on the system, and it is still difficult to come by nearly two months later. Now that the console will soon be available in India, it seems history has repeated itself.

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The PS5 pre-orders went live in India earlier today and all of the them have already sold out. IGN India reports that on Amazon, the console had sold out in a matter of seconds, with the same thing occurring on other online retail platforms within five-to-ten minutes.

Given the PS5’s history with pre-orders, it seemed likely this kind of thing would happen, but members of the gaming community in India have much more stake in terms of getting the console. Due to a copyright dispute, Sony had to delay the release of the PS5 in India by over two months. Thus, it makes sense for members of the Indian populace to want this console more, especially when most of the world has already been able to purchase it for some time now.

It’s interesting to see how even though the console hasn’t released in India yet, demand for the console is just as high, if not higher, than it was when the PS5 first launched back in November 2020. It seems the console may be just as difficult to purchase in India as it is in practically every part of the world.

It will be some time before the hype surrounding the PS5 begins to die down. Considering that the PS5 is just now launching in India, the excitement and demand for the console will still be high in the coming months. With the PS5 going in and out of stock among various retailers, there’s no way to know when the console will become more accessible for interested fans to purchase.

The PS5 is available now in select regions.

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Source: IGN India

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