Remothered Dev Hires Industry Vets to Work on Next-Gen New IP

Remothered Dev Hires Industry Vets to Work on Next-Gen New IP

Hitting shelves late last years to a spate of negative reviews, Remothered: Broken Porcelain was a widely panned follow-up to 2017’s Remothered: Tormented FathersComing loaded with a significant number of bugs and glitches, the title was a disappointing second venture for developer Stormind Games, however, it seems the studio is ready to pick itself up and try something new.

In a press release, the studio announced it will be working on a next-generation game, with the title slated to be a new IP presumably not connected to the Remothered series. Better yet, it’s already packing some serious talent, with the studio announcing it has acquired three industry veterans to help work on whatever this future project turns out to be.

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The first is Anne Toole, who will be joining the game as a narrative consultant. Toole has worked on several significant video games throughout her career as a writer, including The Witcher, Horizon Zero Dawnand Days Gone. God of War and Batman Arkham Asylum composer Ron Fish will also be lending his talents to the project, working as the soundtrack composer for the upcoming game. Finally, Borislav Mitkov, a concept artist with a portfolio ranging from Assassin’s Creed to Prince of Persia, will also be working with Stormind, offering his talents as a character artist.

“Collaborating with video game stars such as Anne Toole, Ron Fish, and Borislav Mitkov has brought a huge added value to our latest project,” Stormind Games states in its press release, clarifying that this mysterious new title “will be revealed soon.” With Broken Porcelain behind it, the Italian studio looks to be building its ranks in pursuit of the biggest releases its worked on yet. Hopefully bolstering the team with industry veterans will be a big aid to Stormind Games, leaving the studio to focus on creating yet another twisted story to follow-up its work on Remothered.

For those who never played the company’s horror titles, Remothered: Tormented Fathers centered around the mysterious secrets of Felton Mansion, with protagonist Rosemary Reed attempting to investigate the disappearance of the occupant’s daughter, Celeste. The game utilized a mix of puzzle-solving gameplay, story-focused discovery, and tense stealth, as players unlocked various areas of the mansion while being stalked by crazed killers. Broken Porcelain acted as both a sequel and a prequel to Tormented Fathersfollowing Reed and new protagonist Jennifer as they both uncovered the story of Celeste Felton through their respective timelines. The game was hampered with severe bugs, going on to pull in a 39 on Metacritic.

Stormind Games’ is currently developing a new next-gen IP.

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