Returnal Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Combat | Game Rant

Returnal Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Combat | Game Rant

Primed to launch in March this year, Housemarque’s Returnal will be one of the PlayStation 5’s first big exclusive titles of 2021, with the sci-fi horror roguelike shaping up to be an eerie new adventure for owners of the console. Amongst offering creepy enemies and a host of striking environments, the game will also utilize the PS5’s haptic feedback and state of the art sound design to offer a more immersive experience.

It stands to reason that both those features will be central to Returnal‘s combat, which, thanks to a new trailer, players now know much more about. Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, the fresh footage offers a broad insight into what weapons players will have in their arsenal as they traverse the game’s mysterious alien world, with the release offering plenty of firearms to choose from.

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It seems players will have access to several core weapons commonly found in most third-person shooters, with protagonist Selene uncovering several extraterrestrial guns early into the trailer. Players will be able to find alien variations of assault rifles, shotguns, SMGs, and rocket launchers, each with their own sci-fi flair. However, Selene will eventually discover more alien objects that can aid in her mission to escape, with the strange relics beginning to flesh out the odd world she finds herself on.

One of these is a tall, beacon-like device known as a Cthonos, with the structure – which Selene comments “feels alive” – offering a shield buff.  Next up are damaged fabricators, with the alien devices offering players random objects in exchange for “obolites,” which appear to be Returnal’s form of currency. Players will also be able to merge with an alien parasite that trades kills for health, get access to a laser sword which can be used for melee, and throw powerful grenades.

While showcasing the game’s stacked arsenal, the footage also highlights exactly what Returnal’s combat will feel like to play, with Selene’s battles against various alien creatures looking to be fast-paced, reaction-heavy affairs. It seems as though they’ll take place over a wide range of environments too, with dark caverns, monster-infested ruins, and eerie, crimson-lit clearings all taking center stage during the trailer. All in all, the game looks to be a solid new addition to the roguelike genre, offering a ton of variation to ensure no two playthroughs are ever the same.

For those unfamiliar with Returnal, the game takes place on a terrifying planet trapped in an eternal time loop. Whenever protagonist Selene dies, she reawakens at the beginning of the loop, forced to once again take up arms and begin her perilous attempt to escape her neverending nightmare. It promises to have fast action, an intriguing story, and some creepy psychological scares.

Returnal is slated to release on March 19 for PlayStation 5.

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