Stardew Valley: Legendary Fish Locations | Game Rant

Stardew Valley: Legendary Fish Locations | Game Rant

Legendary fish in Stardew Valley are aptly named as they can only be caught in specific places, are very difficult to catch, and each can only be caught once per save file.

Fishing in Stardew Valley is a unique mechanic. While reeling in the catch, fish will bob up and down on the screen while the player must try and keep it within the area of a green rectangle, which indicates the fishing line. It certainly has a learning curve, especially for faster fish, and the Stardew community is fairly split on their opinions of the fishing mechanic. But mastering fishing is essential to Stardew Valley‘s main story, finishing the community center, as well as catching the five legendary fish.

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The five legendary fish in Stardew Valley are the Crimsonfish, Angler, Legend, Glacierfish, and Mutant Carp. Except for the Mutant Carp, the other four fish have a dedicated season they can be caught in. The Mutant Carp can be found in the sewers, which can only be unlocked after donating 60 items to Gunther’s museum. But afterward, it can be caught at any time, in any season, and in any weather condition.

The Angler is likely the first that will become available to players in Stardew Valley based on its prerequisites. It’s located in the river area north of JojaMart, around the wooden plank bridge. It can be found at any time of day in any weather condition, but it’s also the least profitable of the bunch.

The Crimsonfish is found off the east pier in Pelican Town, which is unlocked after the player spends 300 wood repairing the small bridge. It can only be caught during the summer, but at any time during any weather condition. The Glacierfish can be found on the south end of Arrowhead Island, the triangular island in the middle of the lake in Cindersap Forest. It can only be caught in the winter, but otherwise can also be found during any time of day and any weather condition.

Finally, the Legend is by far the most profitable fish in Stardew Valley; it’s highest possible selling price is a whopping 15,000 gold. It can only be found in the Spring while it’s raining, but at any time of the day by going to the mountain lake and fishing around the sunken log.

Unlike normal fishing in Stardew Valley, however, there are other requirements for catching legendary fish than simply being in the right place at the right time. These fish require specific fishing levels as well. The Legend is the highest, requiring a maxed fishing skill of 10 catch. The Crimsonfish requires level 5, the Angler level 3, and the Glacierfish level 6. The Mutant Carp does not require a leveled fishing skill.

Stardew Valley is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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