Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Adds New Online and Co-Op Modes

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Adds New Online and Co-Op Modes

Nintendo recently announced that the next major game released for the Nintendo Switch will be the rerelease of a classic Mario game. Super Mario 3D World was originally released on the Nintendo Wii U console and was widely well-received. Since the Nintendo Wii U had a limited audience, and Nintendo loves rereleases in general, Super Mario 3D World is coming back. Nintendo will also be adding some extra functionality, recently confirming that Super Mario 3D World will feature new multiplayer options.

When Super Mario 3D World is launched on the Nintendo Switch it will feature online 4-player cooperative mode. The original release also allowed four different people to jump into the game at the same time, making up a party of playable characters including Luigi, Toad, Rosalina, and Peach. But the new version of the game enables online play for the first time. Players will be able to connect either online or via local wireless connections. Online play will, of course, require a Nintendo Online subscription.

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Super Mario 3D World is also expanding in a much broader way, too. The new Bowser’s Fury expansion adds an entirely new world to explore and adventure in. This large world’s core feature is Bowser himself, turned gigantic in his fury and changing the world with his attacks on Mario. One other surprising feature of this expansion is a clever new co-op option that allows a second player to play as Bowser Jr.

As Bowser Jr., a second player can support Mario in their adventures. It’s somewhat like how Super Mario Galaxy let a second player use a second Wiimote to collect stars and interact with the world in small but notable ways. Bowser Jr. will be able to attack enemies as they float around, and even activate special markings on walls with their paintbrush. It wasn’t confirmed whether players would be able to do 4-player co-op, online or otherwise, in Bowser’s Fury like they’ll be able to do in the base game for Super Mario 3D World.

Suffice to say, Nintendo is making a persuasive argument that Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo Switch is a much expanded and improved project compared to the Wii U version of the game. Nintendo’s even addressing a major criticism of the original game, which was that it played too slow. Players will move much faster in the Switch rerelease.

The only frustrating aspect of Super Mario 3D World‘s rerelease is that it means that there aren’t likely to be any other big first-party Nintendo releases for some time, since Nintendo spaces them out. Super Mario 3D World will hopefully sate anxious Nintendo fans’ aching for a new major exclusive, at least for a while.

Super Mario 3D World releases February 26 on Nintendo Switch.

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