The Mandalorian Star Julia Jones And More Join Dexter Revival

The Mandalorian Star Julia Jones And More Join Dexter Revival

Showtime’s Dexter revival added multiple new cast members to join Michael C. Hall and Clancy Brown. Among the newcomers is actress Julia Jones, perhaps best known for her role in the first season of Disney and Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian.

Jones appeared in the fourth episode of The Mandalorian‘s debut season as Omera, a krill farmer and widow living in a village on the planet Sorgan. When The Mandalorian and Grogu seek refuge in the village and are hired by the locals to them from Klatooinian raiders, Omera befriends the Bounty Hunter and participates in the battle against the raiders, which our heroes manage to win. While Omera and The Mandalorian seemingly develop feelings for each other during their short time together, the threat to Grogu forces the titular hero to flee the planet in order to ensure the child’s safety.

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Deadline reports Jones will join the cast of the Dexter revival as a character named Angela Bishop, the first Native American Chief of Police in her upstate New York town. She will be joined by Believe star Johnny Sequoyah as Bishop’s “brash and opinionated” teenage daughter Audrey. Rounding out the rest of the new cast members are Alano Miller as Logan, a sergeant for the Iron Lake Police Department and the assistant wrestling coach for the local high school, and Jack Alcott as Randall, a character who has a meaningful encounter with Dexter. Production on the 10-episode limited series revival is scheduled to begin next month in Massachusetts.

The original series focused on the exploits of Dexter Morgan, a blood-spatter analyst with the Miami police department who used the unique skills and insight he acquired on the job to moonlight as a serial killer. However, Morgan adheres to a strict code taught by his late father, a former police officer, by only murdering people who have slipped through the cracks of the legal system and are likely to harm others again. After an eight-season run, the series concluded with Dexter deciding to fake his own death, abandoning both his son and lover after the death of his sister Debra prompts him to realize that his presence would continue to place his loved ones in danger.

While Dexter was initially hailed during the first four seasons, with Hall earning a Golden Globe Award for his performance in 2010, attitudes towards the show began to sour in later years. Among the most widely panned creative decisions from the showrunners was the choice to have Debra fall in love with her brother in the sixth season.

Of course, fans may be relieved to know that original showrunner Clyde Phillips, who stepped down from his role after the fourth season, will return for the limited revival as one of the executive producers. However, both Hall and Phillips have stated that the revival of Dexter will provide an alternate ending to the storyline as opposed to retconning the events of the more maligned seasons.

Dexter is scheduled to return to Showtime in fall 2021.

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Source: Deadline

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