The Pros and Cons of Bluepoint Games’ Remaking the Original Metal Gear Solid Games Next

The Pros and Cons of Bluepoint Games’ Remaking the Original Metal Gear Solid Games Next

Bluepoint Games recently released its excellent remake of Demon’s Souls, freeing the studio up to work on a new project. While there are no details regarding what Bluepoint will be doing next, one of the most exciting possibilities would see the developer tackle the Metal Gear Solid series. With Metal Gear Solid remakes rumored heavily already, it is hard to think of a better team for such a task.

With the Metal Gear Solid series stuck in a limbo following the split between Konami and series’ creator Hideo Kojima, as well as the release of the disastrous Metal Gear Survive, the best possible scenario for the franchise going forward seems to be remakes. With Bluepoint having proven themselves to be experts in the area with the releases of Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls, the studio would likely to a great job with rebuilding the beloved stealth experience. That said, there are a few potential negatives that could come about from Bluepoint’s involvement.

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With many players already feeling like Metal Gear Solid remakes would be better than Metal Gear Solid 6, it is hard to imagine a scenario where an updated Metal Gear Solid is not successful. With so much of the original game still holding up well today, from the iconic bosses to the tactical gameplay and stellar voice acting, few changes would need to be made. Bluepoint could focus purely on making the game look and perform better, retaining Kojima’s masterful touches and only adding a fresh coat of paint. Right up the studio’s wheelhouse of prettying up old games while leaving their quirks intact, the series is a perfect fit for Bluepoint.

However, what makes a Metal Gear Solid remake so enticing is that Bluepoint does not need to stop with the original game. While Kojima may never get to make Metal Gear Solid 6, players could be given a chance to relive moments from all the original games. Psycho Mantis reading players’ save data in Metal Gear Solid, the Raiden Twist in MGS 2, Naked Snake’s heartbreaking clash with The Boss in MGS 3, and Solid Snake’s journey through MGS 4’s microwave hallway could all be rebuilt. Keeping their impact while meeting the modern standards for graphics, a whole new audience could be introduced to the brilliance of Metal Gear Solid — and series veterans could soak in all the nostalgia a proper remake would bring.

While a Bluepoint-led Metal Gear Solid remake would be thrilling for many, there are a few gamers who would be a bit disappointed to see the studio continue remaking games. With some fans feeling that Bluepoint has not hit its stride and hoping for a fully original game from the studio, the news of Metal Gear Solid remakes would be predictable for some. With memorable coin quests for hidden items in both Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls showing the creativity of the studio, it is certainly fair to say that Bluepoint has potential beyond remaking games.

At the same time, remaking classics seems to be something that Bluepoint loves to do, and it has shown that it excels in this area on more than one occasion. As such, it seems likely that it continues to revitalize older titles, and there are plenty of options available to Bluepoint besides Metal Gear Solid. With Sony supposedly considering the acquisition of Bluepoint, more PlayStation-based remakes could come from the studio. Anything from Resistance and Jak and Daxter to the two Infamous games could be modernized, while the original God of War games can be updated to match the visuals of the newest games in the series.

However, with the Sony acquisition still only a rumor, there is potential for Bluepoint Games to recreate non-exclusive titles as well. The Dead Space series is also a great candidate for a touch-up, as are the classic Tomb Raider games. Bluepoint could also continue from where it left off with Demon’s Souls, remaking FromSoftware’s Dark Souls. With so many potential remakes on the table along with the possibility of a fully original title, Metal Gear Solid is far from Bluepoint’s only option — even if it is one of the most alluring.

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