Twitch Streamer Happy Hob Shaves Head, Eyebrows After Failing No Hit Challenge

Twitch Streamer Happy Hob Shaves Head, Eyebrows After Failing No Hit Challenge

The Happy Hob is one of the most prolific Souls streamers around, known for being the first player to ever complete the God Run, a challenge he created himself that requires the player to beat Demon’s Souls, the Dark Souls trilogy, and Bloodborne without taking a single hit. With such an accomplishment under his belt, he felt confident taking a certain bet.

Last year, The Happy Hob agreed to attempt to complete 12 no-hit runs throughout the duration of 2020. The final one he had to complete was a run of Bloodborne without getting hit, a challenge that frequently gave him trouble during his God Run days.

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Having completed 11 of the 12 no hit runs for the year, Happy Hob got to work on trying to clear Bloodborne in the same fashion. Unfortunately, fate was not in his favor, and an enemy managed to land a hit on him as it was dying. As the deadline for the bet was fast approaching, The Happy Hob accepted his fate.

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Because he lost the bet, The Happy Hob agreed to shave his head and eyebrows off, a task he reluctantly completed last night. Of course, it didn’t go on without incident either. As any that have shaved their head will recall, the first time doing it is often a disaster, and it takes a lot of practice to really get it right. With some help from the chat and a few YouTube videos, he manages to pull it off however. At one point there’s even a scare of a fire in his house, though it turned out not to be anything serious.

As usual, Twitch chat revels in the pain of the streamers they enjoy, and they all cheer him on through this. Some even compare him to Patches, a recurring character in the Souls franchise that is iconically bald and frequently tricks the player. After doing the dirty deed, The Happy Hob wastes no time getting back into the game. He continues to stream a Dark Souls run but finds himself frequently distracted by his own looks.

Needless to say, this is a type of challenge that would be all but impossible for most players, but The Happy Hob took a chance and tried to complete it. Unfortunately, things didn’t go his way, and now he’ll have to wait a while before his hair starts to grow back. Until then, viewers will have to get used to the new look on stream.

Bloodborne is available now on PS4.

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